Monday, June 2, 2014

Mother/Daughter Weekend May 2014 - Part 3

If you missed part 1 or 2  of my Mother/Daughter weekend you can go read them here! and here

The whole reason for my mom and I staying the night in South Haven was an amazing B&B called Martha's Vineyard .  This place is a gorgeous old house made up into a B&B. The owners, Lou & Ginger, are very kind and thoughtful people.  Mr. J and I actually stayed here last year for our 10 year anniversary! We loved it then and I loved it even more this time!  My mom and I picked a different room to stay in than Mr. J & I did so that we could see more of the rooms.

And the best part about going in the middle of May was that it was still chilly enough that they had the fireplaces on!  We turned it on and left it on the entire time we were there.  I loved hearing the fire crackle and feel a little warmth!

The bed was so pretty! The whole room was done in shades of purple and I loved it.  The bed had a very heavy down filled duvet cover on it which would have been perfect the snuggle under in the winter.  It was pretty luxurious! And the bright light that looks like a window there in the right of the picture is actually a door to a gorgeous patio area. I went out there at night to call Mr. J and I could hear a symphony of frogs singing to me!

One of the best things about Martha's Vineyard is the amazing breakfast!  When the weather is warm they serve breakfast outside on the big wrap around porch.  But being the middle of May in Michigan it was a bit chilly for that so they served us in the dining room.  Nothing like a chandelier at the breakfast table!

Beautiful gold chargers mixed with delicate real silverware and of course cut crystal, made for a very elegant way to start the day.  The other thing you should know about this amazing breakfast is that it is 4 courses.  Yes I said 4 courses!  The breakfast is different each day too, so if you stay multiple nights you won't get the same breakfast two days in a row.  Also I must mention that when I booked the room I asked if it was possible to have a gluten free breakfast and Ginger was kind enough to make that happen.  I was very very excited! 

The first course is a fruit plate.  I took a bite of the pineapple before the picture but before that it looked like a beautiful butterfly! 

The next course was a delicious yogurt parfait.  Ginger used gf granola for mine but for everyone else she used their homemade granola.  They have bees on the property and use the honey to make their own granola.  I had it last year before I was gf and it is delicious!  Gf granola isn't too bad either so I gladly gobbled this up! Notice the OJ in the wine glass! FANCY!

Next is the main course.  A gorgeous crepe with warm apple filling topped with whipped cream and nuts.  Also a side of sausage!  This is actually a picture of my mom's plate because the non-gf crepe looked prettier than mine but mine tasted AMAZING!!  It was like eating apple pie for breakfast!

And remember when I said that breakfast was 4 courses? The 4th course is always dessert!  According to Lou every meal should have dessert, including breakfast.  Today's dessert was a delicious lemon tart! A great way to get our morning started!

Mom and I spent the whole day shopping and enjoying South Haven before we had to head home.  Spending time with my mom never gets old.  I love that we got to have this special weekend just the two of us.  Because while I love sharing her with my kids, I also love being her kid! I'm so thankful for the fun time and great memories that we have of this trip.  And I know neither of use will soon forget South Haven or Saugatuck. 

I love you mom! And I hope we can take another trip together soon!

Love, Lacey