Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ipsy Glam Bag June 2014

It's that time of month again where I share with you what's in my Ipsy glam bag! If you don't know, Ipsy is a subscription service.  Each month you pay $10 and receive a make up bag full of goodies.  You usually get 4-5 samples or some full size as well.  The make up bags are always cute and great for travel or in your purse.  HERE is a link if you want to sign up to receive your very own Ipsy bag!

This month's make up bag is a gorgeous dark navy bag with a floral pattern and a gorgeous coral zipper.  It also has a tag labeled "Rebecca Minkoff" so I'm guessing she designed this pattern for their bag. I really like it!  Almost a Hawaiian type theme! 

First up in the bag is a dream waves beach spray by Marc Anthony. It says "Create sexy, tousled beach waves all year long". I have been wearing my hair curly lately so I sprayed it in my already messy hair immediately!  Right off the bat the smell is AMAZING!  It smells like coconut and sweet and sunscreen.  It smells like the beach to me.  It gives a generous spray and didn't do too bad in my hair.  I will be interested to use it alone in just damp hair and see how it does.  But I do like it!

Next up is a butter gloss by NYX!  I already have one of these and LOVE IT!!  This one is in the color Apple Strudel. I have to say it wouldn't be a color I would choose for myself as it's a kind of light pink. But it seems like a nice change up for the summer so I will definitely be throwing this in my purse.  It's a slightly sticky lip gloss but the pigmentation is nice and the smell is like a cupcake!  The price on these is around $5 so not bad! I would definitely recommend them! 

A mascara from Be a Bombshell is up next.  This is the Lash Out style.  It is in the color black and seems to have a pretty thin fiber type wand. I have had other Be a Bombshell products before and they were ok. I expect this mascara to be a so so one.  I will do a full review if it happens to knock my socks off, but I'm guessing it will go into my drawer and only be used while on vacation or just to use it up. 

 Next up is a liquid eyeliner by  NICKAK New York.  I got the color green on the website they have 14 different colors listed. The website also lists the price at $4.99 each!   This is a water, smudge, and fad resistant liner.  I did a swatch and it really does give a good shimmer and holds.  I let it dry a few seconds and then tried to rub it and it didn't budge! I can see this being a fun pop of color this summer! It comes with a foam tip applicator that is very very thin so you can get a nice thin line or build it up to make a thicker line.  I will definitely be wearing this!

Last but not least is a cleanser by Skinn. It says it's a "Olive & Enzyme Cleanser.  Rich balm make-up remover and deep cleansing mask".  The instructions say to rub it on your face in a circular motion and then rinse with warm water or a warm wet wash cloth.  Or for a deep clean to put it on like a mask, leave it for 5-10 minutes and then wash off.  I used this to get the eye liner off my hand and it seemed to work well.  The smell is really nice!  It smells like a tropical drink.  That may sound odd but you know what I mean! The smell is nice the texture is smooth like a lotion.  I am excited to try this out to get off my make up! 

Well that was my Ipsy bag!  Do you get Ipsy yet?!  What did you get? What are you loving this month? 

Love, Lacey