Friday, June 13, 2014

To Give Anything Less . . .

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." - Steve Prefontaine 

I found this quote when I was looking for motivation for my upcoming race. I have been working with a running coach and training hard for a PR (personal record) in a race in July but talking to my coach last week he wants me to really push it and see what I can do in my June race. So I've been doing all I can to get pumped up for it. I have been giving my all in my training, I have been eating and drinking what I should, and I have even been using visualization to help me "see" myself crossing the line strong & fast! I've always loved a good quote so I googled running quotes or something like that and came up with this Steve Prefontaine quote.  

If you don't know who Pre is you can read about him HERE but basically he was an amazing runner and has become a legend in the running community. I bought this book about him but have yet to get a chance to read it. 

ANYWAYS!!  I found this quote and thought that it a great quote.  I even wrote it on my bathroom mirror so that I could remind myself of it daily.

But the more I thought about that quote the more meaning it seemed to take on.  I'm assuming Pre was talking about running.  That if you give anything less than your best you sacrifice the gift of running.  But to me it took on a whole different meaning when I really meditated on it. The first thing I took note of was the word "YOUR". He didn't say be the best or have the best time or always win. He said give YOUR best! As I've said before I'm not the fastest runner.  I don't have any delusions that I will ever win a race. But I always try to give 110% when I run. I give MY best! He also called running a gift. I have said many times that I am blessed to be able to run. And have often said that I was running for those who can't.  But then I started thinking about this quote a different way.  I started to look at it in the context of life.  With the word "gift" being the gift of life. I really started to think about giving my best in life. What does that look like? I started thinking about what is most important to me in life and what are goals. This simple quote has made me really evaluate life and what am I doing for God, my husband, my kids, my family, my friends, even for strangers.  Am I really giving MY best in this gift of life!? 

My race is Saturday morning and Mr. D is also running a 1 mile kids run.  I'm proud of him for getting out there and wanting to run.  I'm thankful that I have instilled in him a love for running and being healthy.  I love that this kid has an apple for an after school snack EVERY DAY!  It's something he just loves! I can't say I love apples that much but I do have a love for fruit and try to have healthy snacks.  Seeing him (and the other two) make healthy snack choices makes me feel like I'm doing something to not sacrifice the gift of being their mama!

Question of the day!
What are you doing to make sure you aren't sacrificing your gift?

Love, Lacey