Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  It's that time of year again that we gather together to eat more food than humanly possible and then go try to run over others to save $5 on that stupid movie that your Great Uncle Ned wants! No offense to Great Uncle Ned (I wish I had one!) but I am not going Black Friday shopping this year!  Especially since it starts at 5pm on THURSDAY!!!  It's called Black FRIDAY for a reason! Now I have gotten up at 4am to meet my husbands family at Khols to look for something stupid that someone wanted (I honestly can't remember what it was now?!).  But the older I get the less I care about saving those $5 and the more I care about spending time with my family just being a family and being thankful! Also the fact that most of what I want can be bought online for the same Black Friday price is a big draw to me.  So I'm sure while you are reading this (if it's Thursday or Friday) I'm sitting on the other side of the screen shopping my little heart out!  Bless you Target for free shipping and 5% off with my red card!

This year we are having my parents & Kellie over for lunch!  That's it!  Just the 8 of us! Do you think we will make any less food?  NO!  But it will be special because it is just the 8 of us!  I hope you all have somewhere to go this year!  I tried to make sure all my single and out of town friends had somewhere to go!  I can't stand the thought of people being alone on a holiday. (I am ! crazy today! look at all of them in this paragraph. Apparently I'm excited!) Any ways!  Make sure you follow me on Instagram as I will be posting pictures of our food, the table and our family all together! And wait until you see Miss V's dress!!  I'm kind of jealous!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? What is your favorite thing to eat?

Love, Lacey

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Leave of Absence . . . SORRY!

I am SO sorry I have been missing for so long!  Life got absolutely CRAZY right before I left for Florida and then after I got back I had "post vacation depression".  I'm not sure that is a real thing but I swear I have it every time I come back!  But I am BACK!!!  I am currently working on putting together my Disney trip on to the blog.  But for now here are a few picture to keep you occupied!

The first palm tree we saw when we got there!!  

There was an actual island on our resort!  AN ISLAND?!?! 

More blue skies and palm trees!

And then my favorite day of all times!!  We went to the Magic Kingdom and it was SO magical!  I can't wait to share this day with you all!

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See you soon!  Love you all!!

Love, Lacey