Friday, May 30, 2014

Mother/Daughter Weekend May 2014 - Part 2

If you missed part 1 of my Mother/Daughter weekend you can go read it here!

After my mom and I left Saugatuck, we drove down to South Haven to get checked into our B&B. After we checked in and rested for a few minutes, we decided to head into town and get some dinner and I knew just the place!

from Clementine's website

Clementine's is a favorite of South Haven.  There is always a wait to get in so go early, put your name in, and then go shop until it's time to go back!  When my mom and I went there was a 45 min wait so I put our name in, set a timer on my phone, and we went shopping! 45 minutes may seem like a long wait but it's WELL worth it! And with a lot of the shops on the same street you can find plenty to do to pass the time.

I decided to a have a drink at supper so I looked for a local wine or cider.  While they did have a couple local wines and beers, I decided to go with a cider from McIntosh Orchards. McIntosh is a winery right down the road from South Haven.  They only make fruit wine and apple or pear cider. I hadn't tried their cider before so I was excited to give it a taste.  I'm pleased to shared that it was delicious! Not too sweet, not too carbonated, it was just the right mix! Also on a side note my mom and I stopped at their orchard on the way home and did a wine tasting and all the wines we had were very good!

Another great thing about Clementine's is that they have a gf and vegetarian menu. The waitress also told me they train all of the cook staff about different allergies and have lists and signs in the kitchen.  I was really impressed!  We were hungry but not too hungry so I went with the New Zealand Green Lip Mussels.  I think there were 10 or 12 mussels in this dish covered with sauteed spinach & onions with BUTTER!! I squeezed some lemon juice on them and ate them like I had never eaten food in my life.  They were SO good!  My mom had a really nice side salad with chicken and  a cup of fruit.  Both looked really good and she said they were the perfect size for a light supper! 

After supper we walked down to one of my favorite places, the lighthouse!  This beautiful RED lighthouse is one of the most photographed in the country and you will see why! If you ever go you MUST walk out on the pier! Even if it's windy or the waves are crashing! It is well worth it.  If you can, go at sunset.  South Haven has some of the most beautiful sunset EVER!! 

See the lighthouse in the distance?!

Just stunning isn't it?

There she is! A beautiful sight! The amazing RED light house! 

This is South Beach. One of the best places to go in the summer.  The beach is clean and the water is clear!! Even I will swim here and that is saying something!

This was the last image of the night before we headed back to our B&B. This was actually taken from our parking spot and that sidewalk in the picture leads to the lighthouse's pier.  I just love this beach and lighthouse!  I can't wait to go back here again!

In part 3, I'll give you a sneak peek into a FABULOUS bed & breakfast that you MUST stay at if you are in the area! And I'll show you a breakfast fit for a queen!

Love, Lacey