Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Empties 2014

Welcome to the April addition of my trash empties!  If you don't know what an empties post is, it's basically where I show you what I used up over the month and what I thought about it.  If you use ALL of something, even if it's trial size, I feel like you have a pretty good opinion of the product.  So I'm going to show you the product, where you can buy it, and what I thought about it.  Ready? Here we go!!

First up is this Jojoba Charcoal facial scrub by Michael Todd True Organics. I received this sample from my Ipsy glam bag (you can sign up here) a few months ago.  I had heard a lot of hype about Michael Todd and his True Organics line and so I was excited to try it.  I will say this is a nice face scrub.  The scrubbing beads are not harsh, the smell is nice, and it's black so you really get the feeling that the active charcoal is doing its job.  Here is the link if you are interested in buying the full size it is $18.50 for 3.4 oz. I did like this product.  I probably would not purchase it for myself because there are other scrubs I like more. But this would be a special treat if you need a mother's day present for your mama!

It's a 10 miracle leave-in product is our next empty.  I have owned this for over a year.  It's a spray and leave in conditioner.  You apply it when your hair is wet and simply brush it through and style your hair as normal.  It's supposed to do 10 things instantly! 1. Repairs dry, damaged hair, 2. Adds shine, 3. Detangles, 4. Control frizz, 5. Seals & protects hair color, 6. Prevents split ends, 7. Stops hair breakage, 8. Creates silkiness, 9. Enhances natural body,  10. Flat iron spray & thermal protector. That's a LOT to promise out of one bottle but I can tell you I really like this product.  I do think it's helped my hair grow stronger and just generally seem healthier.  It's not a cheap product but it lasts a LONG time because you only use a little bit. You can buy it off Amazon here. But I will say I have seen it in CVS & I bought mine for cheaper from my stylist so ask yours about it! I am currently trying out a different leave in condition but I will most likely be repurchasing this product!

Next up is a shampoo from Suave Professionals. This is the sleek shampoo which is suppose to help with dry or frizzy hair. I loved this shampoo.  I don't think it worked any miracles for my hair but I do think it helped with my frizziness (is that a word?). It lathered well which I like and rinsed away easily. I will probably repurchase this product in the future.  It's not very expensive around $3 for 28 oz.  I'm sure there are more amazing shampoos but I did like this one!  Here is a link to Target's website if you want to see what all it claims to do! 

Up next is a Deep Cleanser with red clay by First Aid Beauty. I received this sample size through my ipsy bag (thank you ipsy for all the fun samples).  I absolutely LOVED this cleanser!!  The smell is very light and it seems to be gentle on the skin but really does get deep down and really clean the skin. I felt like my skin was clearer using this product.  You can purchase this online (here) or at your local sephora.  This is another that I don't think I would purchase for myself because it's $24 for 4.7 oz. But this would also be a great gift for some one that loves skin care! 

And last but NOT least are these makeup remover cleansing towelettes.  These are the Up&Up (Target) brand.  They are comparable to Ponds Clean Sweep.  I am a big fan of makeup remover wipes.  I feel like they help get off all the makeup so that my cleanser can do it's job and cleanse my actual skin! I have tried a few different ones but these have worked so well. They take off all my makeup, they don't irritate my skin, and don't burn my eyes!  I think they were pretty cheap (around $4?) and I will DEFINITELY be repurchasing these! Here is the link to Target's website where you can read about them but they are not sold online. 

Well that seems to be all I have emptied this month in the way of beauty.  I will be sure to add in any running related empties in the coming months too!

Disclaimer: I do NOT make any money for you clicking on these links.  They are just to help you find the products.  I will always give you my honest opinion and tell you if I'm being compensated for a link or product. 

Love, Lacey

Monday, April 28, 2014

Busy but AWESOME weekend!

Have you ever had one of those weekends that was kind of crazy but in the end you think YES!  Life is so good!?  Yep that was me this weekend!

First I got up early (well early for a Saturday!) and went for a nice 4 mile run.  This is the second week in a row that I have run 4 miles (and also the second week I have done it without music) on Saturday and it felt really good to get out and stretch my legs.  Of course KT tape was applied and helped me accomplish this run!

Then Mr S had a birthday party to go.  They went to a place that has bowling and a giant arcade.  He LOVED this motorcycle ride and actually placed 2nd!  After the birthday party I dropped all 3 kids off at grandma & grandpas and so started Mr. J & my date day/night. We are so lucky that the kids have grandparents that love them (and us) enough to take them for a night once a month or so.  You would not believe what a night without kids will do for your marriage.  Even if we do nothing but sit on the couch and watch a movie.  It's just nice to be able to go do what we want, eat where we want, watch what we want and not have to worry about anyone but ourselves! 

You know I had to take a selfie!  This is currently one of my favorite scarves.  I bought it while I was in Cali and it's actually a Union Jack flag pattern!  Shout Out (do people still do those?) to all my UK peeps!  Like I said I'm a BIT UK obsessed! 

Our first stop was Bed, Bath, & Beyond but I didn't get a picture.  You know what it looks like. Lots of Bed, Bath & Beyond STUFF!  But our second stop was Barnes & Noble.  I hit up the running section while Mr. J went to the beer brewing books.  I saw this book and thought it looked interesting.  I must remember to put a hold on it at the library! To say Dean Karnazes is a Beast, is an understatement!  This year for the Boston Marathon he ran from the finish line to the start line (26.2 miles) and then did the race (another 26.2 miles) and he had amazing times both ways!  He is just amazing! 

Then we had to go to one of my FAVORITE places!!  ULTA!!!!!!  If you do not have an Ulta near you, I'm REALLY sorry!  Although you can order on line it's nothing like the experience of going into the store and drawing all over yourself with different make up and seeing how they hold up. In case you don't know, Ulta is a makeup & hair care type of place.  Think the makeup aisle but better!  Tons of high end and drugstore brands.  Just a great place to find anything hair or makeup that you could want! My hand actually looked exactly like this after I washed it too.  I had to use make up remover wipes to get it off.  Stilla isn't kidding when they say stay ALL DAY! 

Then we had a charity even to go to that night.  It was really fun!  Lots of food and drinks and just time being together.  We saw a few people that Mr. J works with and a friend from church so that was fun!  This was a 21 & over event so it was nice not to worry about kids!  We had a GREAT time! Another Selfie!

We finished off the night at Granite City.  We decided to sit in the bar and have a drink.  We also ordered an appetizer.  I wish I would have taken a picture because it was AMAZING!  They call it Idaho Nachos.  Basically it's nachos but make with waffle fries.  OH YUM!!!!  And of course I had to have my signature dirty martini with 3 olives.  YUM! We sat and talked for a good hour.  Just sitting close together in a booth, people watching and just generally enjoying being together.  We didn't have to hurry home to a sitter or for any reason so we just enjoyed! 

Then Sunday morning we got up and went to a local greenhouse (yes we skipped church we are heathens this week) to look at flowers and plants to redo some of our landscaping.  Then of course no weekend is complete without a trip to Lowes, so we ended up there.  I looked at the paint samples because I want to paint our front door this summer. I took this picture because I thought both of these are pretty colors.  Not sure if either is the RIGHT color for our door but I brought home 5 or 6 paint sample papers so we will see.  After Lowes we picked up our kids and life was back to normal.  I love our kids and I love when we are together as a family but it is SO nice to have Mr. J to myself!  Some times with 3 kids all very close in age you don't get a chance to talk TO each other.  You talk AT each other and it's usually instructions.  So this was a very much needed and loved weekend!

Questions of the day! (yes I actually want you to leave a comment and answer me!)
How was your weekend?  What do you like to do on date night? Do you find you want to repaint everything in your house while your at Lowes?

Love, Lacey

Friday, April 25, 2014

3 Word Per Picture - May 2014

Mr. J and I were talking the other night and he asked me how my day was and what I did and honestly I had NOTHING!  I did laundry, dishes, swept the floor, took the kids to school, and made dinner. Really just a typically boring day for me.  But you know what? Some times life isn't exciting.  And while that used to really bug me, I'm strangely ok with it for now.  I always feel like it's a roller coaster.  We are either really crazy busy and have lots of amazing things going on or nothing!  Now we have lots of fun things planned that are coming up but as of right now? Boring!  So I thought I would copy one of my FAVORITE blogs and do something called 3 words per picture.  As the name would imply I post some pictures from my super exciting (insert sarcasm) week and give you a 3 word description.  *Disclaimer* I know I will cheat!  I'm going to TRY my best but really I like to talk and share and 3 words isn't enough to tell you how much I love each of these things and each of you.  BUT here we go!

I love reading!

Man milking cow

Pretty Spring Nails

Working on headstand

Isn't that true

Crazy Clearance Pants

Love this makeup

Our little friend

Gluten Free Pasta!

Holy cow!  How did I NOT cheat?!  I wanted to!  I wanted to say that I love reading!  Especially about running and these were only 4 of the running books I'm currently working on.  I just ordered another off Amazon and saw two more at the library that I really want.  

I also wanted to tell you that Mr. S drew that picture!  He has quite the imagination!  He came home one day with that picture and a picture of some lions eating zebras. The lions were saying "YUM this is good!".  I love that boy!  

My sister and my sister-in-law are awesome at yoga so I wanted to join the bandwagon and learn to do some fun inversions.  Headstand were first and I'm almost there.  Next up is forearm stands and then onto handstands.  I have a sinking feeling I'm too old to be doing this but it's awesome core and back work! 

I also feel like I need to explain those crazy floral pants.  I found those at Kohl's (a local department store) on the clearance rack for $5.60!  Yes you read that right!  They fit perfect and are so fun I couldn't leave them! 

Questions of the day!
What is your life like right now?  Exciting? Busy? Boring? 

Love, Lacey

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easy & Tasty Smoothie

Today I'm going to show you a simple & tasty smoothie that I like to drink after I workout!  I know there are a million and one smoothie & protein shake recipes out there.  I'm not saying this is any different from any of them.  I just wanted to share with you one of the smoothies I make and love. 

Here are the ingredients that I use! A whole frozen banana, a nice scoop of peanut butter (about 2 TBSP), and depending on the day and workout either half a scoop or a whole scoop of shakeology or use whatever protein powder you like.  

Throw everything into your blender, or ninja, or whatever you like to use to mix things up and add water.  I usually use the maximum amount of water I can because I like a very liquidy (is that a word?) smoothie.

Blend until it's nice a smooth.  

Pour it into your favorite cup, glass, or mason jar!  I love using a straw so I throw one in and CHUG it down! I love having one of these after a workout or a run.  It's important to eat protein after a workout.  The protein helps build back the muscles that you just worked. The banana also helps get you potassium & that helps with not getting leg cramps!  I hope you try this and enjoy!

Question of the day!
What do you like to put in your smoothies?  What do you eat/drink after you workout?

Love, Lacey

Monday, April 21, 2014

Review: RokBAND Headband

For those of you that don't know, Today is the Boston Marathon.  The Boston Marathon was established in 1897 and is the oldest continuously running marathon. When I searched for statistics on Boston I found this really cool page.  It gives you all the statistic by the numbers.  How many people, course info, medical tent, & even office supplies.  It's really neat to see everything that goes into this amazing race by the numbers, if you get a minute go check it out! 

So in honor of Boston I thought I would review something running related!  I recently got this headband from gone for a run.  I saw this saying "This Princess wears running shoes" on a shirt and thought it was so cute!  I HAD to have it!

When I originally bought the headband I thought oh it's cute and I'll wear it just for fun but I doubt I'll be able to wear it while I run.  But when I was getting ready for my long run on Saturday, I needed something to cover my ears.  The headband is really more than a headband, I would describe it more like the sleeve of a shirt. It is like a tube of soft cotton material.  It can be unrolled to cover your face, cover your ears, it can be rolled up and used on your wrist or to hold your ponytail, there are a bunch of different ways to wear it.  So when it was windy and chilly out Saturday I thought this would be a great chance to give it a try!  I unrolled it so it covered my ears and off I went.  I worried it would shift and roll while I ran, I figured I would be pulling at it the whole time.  But I am happy to report I didn't touch the headband at all!!  It stayed right where I put it!  I was highly impressed because my experience with headbands and running has resulted in some serious frustration.  

Here is the link for the website to order them.  They come in a bunch of different colors and patterns.  You can even customize it with your own saying!  They range in price from $9.99 - $17.99 depending on the pattern you want.  I am really happy with this headband!  I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for something that is light weight, could cover your ears, or are looking for something versatile to have in your collection.  

Questions of the day!
Do you wear a headband when you run or workout? Do you have a certain headband you love?

Love, Lacey

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter 2014

May you find the joy of the risen Savior today, tomorrow, and forever!

Love, Lacey

Friday, April 18, 2014

29 TMI Blog Questions

I have seen this tag going around YouTube as the "TMI Tag".  On YouTube it has 50 questions and they are kind of all over the place.  But the other day a blog I read called Carrots 'N' Cake posted this shortened blog friendly version.  I thought it would be fun to do the tag and let you get to know me better! 

1. What are you wearing?
black yoga pants, my favorite grey USMC hoodie,  slippers, & my glasses.

2. Ever been in love?

3. Ever had a terrible breakup?
OH YES!!  Most of my breakups weren't too bad but one in particular was horrible! 

4. How tall are you?

5. How much do you weigh?
This depends on the day but right around 135

6. Any tattoos?
I currently have 2 with 2 more planned (sorry mom). I have a 13.1 on my foot I got after I ran my first half marathon, and I have a butterfly I got right after that horrible break up.  I plan on a 26.2 after my first full marathon, and I have one drawn up to symbolize our family.  

7. Any piercings?
Just my ears.  I used to have my belly button done but I took that out when I was pregnant with Mr. D. 

8. Favorite song?
I have far too many to list! It depends on the genre of music.  I'll give you a few they may not be my ABSOLUTE be all end all favorites but they are some of my favs.  
Wannabe by Spicegirls,  
Turning Tables by Adele,  
Brokenhearted by Karmin, 
Any song by Garth Brooks!

9. Quality you look for in a partner?
Kindness & humor

10. Favorite quote?

11. Favorite actor?
Do I have to pick just one?  Probably Pierce Brosnan.

12. Loud music or soft?
It depends on the situation.  If I'm in a mood or running, I need LOUD!  But if I'm trying to have a conversation or trying to relax, definitely soft!

13. Where do you go when you’re sad?
Probably my bed.  I love just snuggling up in my bed and letting the tears fall.

14. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
It depends on where we are going but a minimum of 30 min.  

15. Ever been in a physical fight?
Not that I can remember

16. Turn on?
Humor & A great smile

17. Turn off?
Rudeness & Arrogance

18. Fears?
Ghosts, Praying Mantis (the thought of this one will send me into a panic attack), 

19. Last thing that made you cry?
Probably the coverage of the Boston Marathon Bombings. They were showing a lot of the survivors and telling the stories of those that didn't.  

20. Last time you said you loved someone?
This morning when Mr. J & the boys left for work & school. 

21. Meaning behind your Blog Name?
I wanted my blog to be about my whole life.  So not just beauty or running or our kids or marriage.  But everything I love all the time.  

22. The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
That would be my bestie! Just checking in on a couple this morning!

23. Favorite food?
Pizza!  The GF kind just isn't the same.  

24. Place you want to visit?
Do I really have to pick just one?  I have a laundry list as long as my arm.  I have serious wanderlust! I absolutely love traveling and want to see all the amazing places in the world.  Top of my list? Paris, Bora Bora, Grand Canyon,  London.

25. Do you have a crush?
Oh yes!  That would be Tom Brady!

26. Last time you kissed someone?
About 2 min ago when Miss V came over and told me she needed some mommy lovin!

27. Last time you were insulted?
You know I have no idea?!  I try not to let people's words get to me. 

28. Favorite piece of jewelry?
Probably my wedding ring, or any piece of jewelry that was passed on to me. 

29. Who should answer these questions next?
You guys of course!  If you don't have a blog just pick 3 and tell me them in the comments!

Love, Lacey

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Running on Empty

I started reading this book a few days ago and I can't put it down!  Mr.Marshall Ulrich has an AMAZING story!  Here is a link to his website and you can read more about him.  But I HIGHLY recommend that you get this book and be inspired. ESPECIALLY if you are a runner but I think everyone can relate to some of the struggles and feelings he has gone through.

I do want to share something that he shares in the book though.  He was asked to talk to a group of Navy SEAL recruits about endurance and his amazing running.  He put together "Ten Commandments of Endurance" but his friends like to call the list "Marshall Law". I want to share his "Marshall Law" with you because I feel like this could apply to not just running or an endurance challenge but really life in general!  So here they are!

1. Expect a journey and a battle
2. Focus on the present and set intermediate goals
3. Don't dwell on the negative
4. Transcend the physical
5. Accept your fate
6. Have confidence that you will succeed
7. Know that there will be an end
8. Suffering is okay
9. Be kind to yourself
10. Quitting is not an option

Questions of the day!
What are you currently reading?  Who inspires you?

Love, Lacey

Monday, April 14, 2014

I Love Salad

I have the absolute BEST husband in the world!  Mr. J and I have gotten into gardening the last couple of years.  We currently have 3 garden boxes in our yard and last year grew lots of yummy veggies.  Last summer I'm pretty sure I made stir fry out of our garden every day!  So amazing!  We are planning on adding another garden box for this year to grow even more veggies but I did mention to Mr. J that I didn't like harvesting lettuce out of the boxes.  We have to put chicken wire around the sides of the boxes because we have so many bunnies and squirrels that would love to eat MY garden! The chicken wire fence comes up a couple feet so it's hard for me to bend over it and cut the lettuce.  So my AMAZING hubby said he would build me a salad table!  Yesterday he worked hard in the garage to build it for me.  We put it on the deck right outside the back door and I couldn't be more excited for summer! I told him we will be eating salad at every meal and my juice/smoothies will be fueled by fresh spinach from the garden! 

I'll keep you updated and take more pictures once we plant it and it starts growing!  Bring on the summer!

Do you garden?  What is your favorite thing from the garden?

Love, Lacey

Friday, April 11, 2014

Somebody has a Case of the Fridays

YEP!  That's how my Friday morning started out.  I heard something that made my mind kick into over drive with worry and instead of praying and letting God deal with it I let my mind race.  And about 20 min later I was worked into tears.  So did I do what I usually do when I have a few hours of free time and need to clear my head? Nope, I didn't run (that is my usual go to!). I went to my favorite coffee shop!  I ordered this GIANT cup of coffee!

Why does it taste better out of a GIANT cup? And that tiny spoon?  I couldn't be upset!

Then I ordered a couple macaroons! I don't remember the flavors?  One was chocolate something and the other was macadamia nut something.  See how I remember all the details so you can feel like you were there with me?  That's what a professional blogger does! 

So while I was there I wrote in my prayer journal, listened to worship music, & read a few passages.  I wanted to share a few that came to mind in case you are having a bad day and need something to help you through!

1 Peter 5:7 "Cast all you anxiety on him because he cares for you."  I love that this verse uses that word ANXIETY!!  I struggle with anxiety all the time and this specifically says give it to HIM!  Not just because it will make you feel better but because He cares for you and doesn't want you to be upset!

Romans 15:13 "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."  So no only does He care for us, He is the God of HOPE!! and he wants to fill you will JOY & PEACE.  And then you will overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit!  Just the thought of overflowing with HOPE makes me happy!  Joy & Peace & Hope it sounds like a great thing!  

I have to say I feel 100% better.  Knowing that I don't have to worry about anything.  Knowing that God has everything under control and His plans are WAY better than mine. I definitely feel His peace now! 

I have a few more verses He gave me but I'll save that for another day!  But these two especially spoke to  me and I pray that meet you where you are today! God loves you too and wants to give you joy & peace & hope too!

Love, Lacey

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Yes We have No Bananas!

I love using bananas in my smoothies and protein shakes but they go bad so quickly! I will buy a bunch and within a few days they go brown or get mushy!  So here is what I came up with to help! 

Here are some bananas that I bought off the "Value price" stand at my local grocery.  They will put bananas that are going bad or are mushy on the stand and price them significantly less than the regular bananas. So I buy a big bunch of them when I see them!

I simply cut them up and put them into a freezer bag (1 banana per bag) and into the freezer they go!  SUPER EASY!  Then I don't have to use ice in my smoothies or shakes because the banana is already frozen and gives that slushy cold goodness!  I don't know why it took me so long to think of this?!  If you look in my freezer I have a shelf that has baggies of frozen bananas and smoothies mixes.  Grab and blend (ok add a few other bits and bobs) but you get the idea!

Love, Lacey

PS!  I also go my shirt for finishing the T25 workout program!  The back says "Nailed it!"  I love this shrit!  Makes me so happy when I wear it cause I didn't just buy it, I EARNED it!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Holding Back

Last week our Pastor gave an awesome sermon (you can listen to it  here) entitled "What are you holding back?".  It focused on Mark chapter 12. He talked about the story of the widow who gave all the money she had to God.  It's a story I have heard before but didn't really think too much about it.  We tithe and serve so I thought what could God POSSIBLY want me to give Him! While we were doing communion, our Pastor challenged us to pray and ask God what we were holding back from Him.  I remember Pastor Mike saying "If you ask and truly listen, He will tell you what to give Him". So I just prayed "God show me what you want me to give you", And I felt Him tell me (I know that sounds weird but I did!) your running.  Now at first I was a bit crushed.  I'm not sure why, I just felt like I had the wind knocked out of me. My running?! I love my running?  What's wrong with my running and why do you want it? After that feeling faded (about a minute later) I simply said, "Ok God!  It's yours!  Take it and use it for your glory".

I wrestled with that the rest of the day and into the evening. But the next day I sent a facebook message to a girl I had been following for awhile called Running4Him.  Her name is Tiffany, and she is amazing!  You should follow her too! Her whole page and fitness journey is dedicated to God and to giving Him glory!  She amazes me!  So I sent her a message to ask her about her story and what turning it over to Him looks like. And I'm thankful to say she wrote me the sweetest letter back.  I have read it several times and I'm still struggling through what giving my running really means but she gave me some GREAT advice and places to possibly start.

Not long after the above verse was in my devotions. 1 Timothy 4:8 "For physical training is of some value, but godliness has a value fir all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come."  This verse spoke so loudly to me! So many times on my runs I try to do it on my own.  Or I think I CAN'T go any farther.  I spend a lot of time on my running, and planning my runs, and races and just a lot of time on running in general.  I feel like this verse really told me to focus on Him more than my running.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly what giving my running to Him fully looks like but I'm trying my best.  My training starts today so lots of praying and seeking wisdom through this year.

Has God ever asked you to give Him something? Did you do it willingly or did you keep it for yourself?

Love, Lacey

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Homemade Breakfast Sandwiches

Mr. J is a hungry guy!  He works hard at work and needs a good breakfast to get him started in the morning.  He loves breakfast sandwiches but they can be expensive!!  So I thought I would try my hand at making my own.  I found this recipe and it looked easy enough so I went for it!

I started off with these English muffins.  They were 2 for $5 (so 12 total) at my local grocery so I thought that was a good deal! 

I lightly toasted them up and then set them up to cool. It was like building a house of cards but with English muffins.

Next I cracked an egg into each cup of a muffin tin and baked them at 350 for about 15-20 min.  The original recipe said 10-15 but when I checked on them they looked pretty runny!  So I cooked them a little longer!  Mr. J said that if I did these again I should whip the yokes into the whites.  He said the yokes tend to stay colder than the rest of the sandwich when he reheats them.  So if you try this make sure to stir up the eggs!

I then put the bottoms of the muffins on a foil lined cookie sheet (the foil just helps with an easier clean up!) and then I put a slice of cheese on top!  MMM bread and cheese, so far so good!

Then I put the cooked and cooled eggs on top of the cheese. 

Now it's time to put the tops on the muffins.  Those look so delicious!

There is a side view for you!  They stick up but we will fix that! I squished them down a bit when I wrapped them with plastic wrap. 

I wanted to par-freeze (is that a word?) them a bit before I wrapped them.  So I put them on top of our chest freezer in the garage (cause it's about 20 degrees out there) but you could stick them in your freezer if you have room.  And once they were semi frozen I wrapped them in plastic wrap and put them in the freezer.  Now Mr. J defrosts one in the microwave and then heats it up. The original recipe said to cook in the oven for 25-30 min but I do NOT have time in the morning to fire up the oven and cook something before Mr. J leaves.  So the microwave works just fine for us.  Now I can send Mr. J to work happy and well fed for about $0.80 a sandwich!  And start to finish this took me about an  hr (not including the hr in the freezer!).

What does your hubby/wife eat before work?  Do you make them something or do they get something on the run?

Love, Lacey