Sunday, June 22, 2014

Running Recap 6/16 - 6/22

Happy Sunday!!  I know I usually write my recap on Saturday but this week has been a bit nutty!  So here we go!!

My first run of the week was a nice easy 5 mile run with Kellie.  Last year we ran together every Monday night and it was really nice.  We don't really talk while we run but it's good to have a change of scenery and be out with another runner.  The sun was warm but her neighborhood has a decent amount of shade and it just felt good to be running together!

Next up was a tempo run on Thursday.  I tried a new route so I wouldn't have to cross a busy road.  I love running on country roads!  Although this road did turn out to be a little more traveled than I thought I was able to run my 3 tempo miles pretty easily!  I also figured out where the peacock lives!  There happens to be a wildlife preserve/farm on this road and heard him calling when I ran by.  I'm glad to know I wasn't hearing things last week! 

My hair is looking a little crazy in this picture because I tried to put it in pigtails.  It JUST barely reaches with the help of some bobby pins!  But it makes for a funny picture!  OH WELL!!

And this is where the week got a little crazy!  Our cat decided to run away from home.  I know that sounds like a lame excuse for not running but when he finally came home it was 2 am on Friday night (Saturday is my usual long run). Well by the time I coaxed him inside, checked him over, and got myself calmed down it was nearly 3 am.  It then took me another 2 hrs to wind down enough to sleep.  So 5 am bed time for a 7 am run was not happening.  Kellie had told me earlier in the week that she was doing a trail race on Sunday called the Waterfall Run.  I originally didn't want to do it but with the whole no long run thing, I figured a 10K trail run would be better than nothing!  So I signed up Saturday afternoon for a Sunday (8:30am) race!

I usually try to eat healthy and especially on race day but today I went all out!  A gf cupcake and a coffee for breakfast! I was REALLY excited about my gf cupcake!  I shoved a ridiculously big bite in my mouth and then started singing the song "I'm so fancy".  I felt real fancy! LOL

As soon as Kellie and I pull into the state park that the race was being held at we see this sign?!  Um, what the world have I gotten myself into?!  There was also a very very small trail near here that lead down to a very swollen rushing river.  I started praying that there would be no water crossings!

The trail ended up being a little muddy but not too bad.  There were 2 water crossings, one was by the waterfall and there was no way to avoid getting your feet wet.  The other was just a small stream that was easy to jump across.  I'm not usually a trail runner but I was really happy I did this race!  I loved the quietness of the woods and running on trails is WAY different than the road.  The best part was towards the end I caught up with a lady that said she was going to take the last bit of the race easy (this part was on the road but had 2 HUGE hills) so I said I would pace with her.  Bless your heart Connie a 10:20 pace is NOT easy!  But she talked to me the whole time and got me through those big hills without much struggle.  I even had enough in the tank to take off and finish strong! I finished my second 5k 3 minutes faster than the first!  

 I got a little muddy and I also got my FIRST blood blister! I may not run a lot of trails but I'm SUPER happy I ran this one!

Yeah this 10k was a little more than that, but I'm ok with that!  I'm happy with my time and mileage!  It was a good running week despite having a minor procedure done Tuesday and the crazy cat fiasco on Friday.

Question of the day!
Did you run this week?  What was your favorite run of the week?

Love, Lacey