Friday, June 6, 2014

My New Running Shoes

In the last few weeks it has become apparent that one pair of my running shoes is nearing the end of its life.  In case you don't know, running shoes are good for around 300 miles and then they start to break down and can start to cause you pain and injuries.  I have never been good about writing down my mileage so I usually just go on how my legs are feeling.  And while I haven't had any injuries yet (knock on wood!) my knee has been giving me fits when I wear a certain pair of shoes so I'm guessing they are just about at the end of their life. I knew I would have to pick up a new pair of shoes sooner or later but I wasn't expecting to get ones last week!  I went into our local running shop to look around and say hi to everyone.  I happened to look at the shoes and then someone mentioned that I got a discount and that was all the excuse I needed! I tried on my normal shoes and bought them!

I introduce you to the Asics GT-1000. I absolutely LOVE the color combo!  I'm a sucker for pink but I think the orange really makes them look nice! I always run these shoes. I have tried other brands from time to time but just always seem to end up with the Asics GT1000 or 2000.

But it's not about the looks it's about the running.  And about the laces!  I ALWAYS use Bungee laces! These aren't the exact same but pretty similar.  There are a few different brands out there depending on what you want.  I had one race where my shoes came untied 3 different times and I vowed I would NEVER use laces again.  I know, I'm a bit dramatic!  My local running store sells these so I grabbed a pair while I was there.

What do you think? I love them! They are REALLY comfy and just from the quick 4 miler I did the other night I can tell how worn out my old shoes are.  These felt like a dream to run in! 

So my best tips when buying new running shoes? 

1. Go to your local running store.  I'm not talking about your big box do it all sports store.  I'm talking your local running store.  A store that specializes in running and triathlons. They know their stuff and will help you find the right shoe for you.  I'm convinced many people get injured or have unnecessary aches and pains because they try to run in the wrong shoes.  I can't tell you the pain I had with shin splints because I tried to run in cheap "running" shoes when I first started. I bawked at paying $100+ for shoes just to run in, but I GUARANTEE they are worth every penny!  Go to a store that will watch you run!  Our local store has treadmills they will watch you run and can point you to the best shoes for you.  Then you can try them on, take a quick run, and see what you think.  My running store even has a great return policy because some times you don't know how a shoe will run, until you run it! So go to those who know running and running shoes! 

2. Get a pair that feels good not looks good! This has been the hardest for me to understand.  I still try to go with a shoe I like the looks of but I will go for comfort over looks.  I even bought a pair of plain white ones once.  Not my style but they got the job done and are now retired! 

3. Go in with an open mind! If you are a runner and like a certain brand of shoes then by all means stick with them, but don't just pick a brand based on a friends pick or someone you know runs a certain brand.  Every runner is different and likes a different shoe.  Even if you think you don't like a certain brand, try them!  They might be your new favorite!

Question of the day
How many pair of running shoes do you own?

I actually own 6 but 3 are currently retired! So I still have 3 in normal rotation!

Love, Lacey