Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mother/Daughter Weekend May 2014 - Part 1

WARNING!  This will be a picture heavy post!

Some time around Christmas I decided that I wanted to take a weekend away with my mom. We don't get enough time together just the two of us and I wanted to take her to my favorite B&B in Michigan because I knew she would LOVE it.  We decided that the weekend after mother's day would be a great time to get away.  I booked the room and we set off for the mitten!

My mom busted out the Rand McNally (insert Miranda Lambert song here) even though I knew where we were going it's always fun to look it up the old fashion way!

Our first stop was a quaint little town called Saugatuck. This place is adorable! Lots of art galleries, clothes stores, a wonderful coffee shop and SO much more! And all the streets look like this! Tree lined streets with shops on both sides of the street. A great place to wander for hours on end!

We found a fun little shoe store called "For the Love of Shoes". How could I NOT go in?! They had some of the most unique shoes. These were a healthy $200 or they would have come home with me. and I would have worn then every day forever!  LOVED them!

While we were walking around we stopped into one of my favorite vineyard's tasting rooms. Fenn Valley Winery is a gorgeous little winery in Fennville, MI. Each year they put on a great summer festival in June. Mr. J and I went last year and it was WELL worth the $10 entry fee.  You can get more information here. If you are in the area or are going to be near it is a great time!  Food, music, and a tour of the most beautiful vineyard! So my mom and I stopped in their tasting room in Saugatuck and had a little sample.  I only bought 2 bottles so I don't think that is TOO bad!

This picture does NOT do this piece of art justice.  The "leaves" are made of copper and the flower itself is a hand shaped piece of glass.  The artist had so many of these in a garden. They were absolutely stunning.  I tried to take pictures but the pictures don't even come close! The artist had names for each one and told us stories of where she gets her glass and how each is formed.  It was VERY interesting!

Lunch was at a place called "Mermaid Bar & Grill"

I was hungry but didn't really know what I wanted so I went for a burger! It was just a cheese burger with pepper jack cheese but it was pretty tasty! Obviously I had to get mine with no bun but a knife & fork worked just the same! 

And the view from my our table!!  We were right on the water. We got to see people kayaking (even though it was 60 and a bit breezy!) and this GORGEOUS house across the way.  I tried to get Mr. J to move but he said no! 

Posted outside the restaurant!

And then my FAVORITE store that we found in Saugatuck! It is called the Pink Patio! Find them here on Facebook.  This store is like a little bit of everything for your yard.  It had decor, kitchen stuff, coffee, food, you name it, it might be in there. They had lots and lots of cast iron little yard art. They also had a sign that says "PARTY!!!"  The guys that run this store are the BEST! They are super funny and nice.  This is a definite must visit! 

After a fun day in Saugatuck my mom and I headed down to our B&B. Just a preview for Part 2 my mom and I go to South Haven! Get ready for even more pictures and a review of THE BEST B & B around!