Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday Miss V!

Five years ago was the scariest morning of my life. I had stayed overnight in the hospital because I was having contractions.  My doctor told me that if I hadn't had the baby by morning she would start pitocin and really get things moving.  Sweet Mr. J slept on the couch at the hospital all night and I don't think either of us slept much.  So about 7 am I sent him home to shower, get the boys (who were staying with my sister), and take them to his parents house.  I told him by the time he got back I would probably have had my pitocin and epidural and I would be a happy camper.  I invited my best friend to come and be there when V was born so she showed up around 8:30 just in time for the fun to begin!  By that time the nurse had started the pitocin and Rochelle and I were talking about what movies we were going to watch and how she was going to rub my feet (She is the BEST!). Well my doctor came in around 9 (or just after) to check and see how things were going. TMI ALERT!!!!!  She checked me and I was 5cm and 100% dialated!  That was news to me since I hadn't really felt any contractions through the night or that morning. So she decided to break my water. That is when things got scary and crazy and are a bit blurry.  She went to break my water and when she did Miss V must have moved her head and the umbilical cord prolapsed, which means that it came out before the baby. This was a VERY bad thing!  When the first words out of your Dr's mouth are "Oh SH**" you know something isn't good!  Within about 10 seconds I had about 5 nurses in my room, one on my bed holding Miss V's head, and I was told I would need to have an emergency c-section.  Let me take a pause break to mention, Mr. J is still not here!  He was dropping the boys off at his parents and taking his sweet time because he didn't think there was a rush! So it's just me and my bff having a delivery emergency. So I tell my bff to call Mr J (I was even calm enough to tell her his phone number!) and they ran me through the hall of the hospital with 1 nurse still on my bed to hold Miss V in place. They wheeled me into the OR asked me a few quick questions and knocked me out! From the time my water broke to the time she was born was somewhere between 10-15 min. Bless Mr. J's heart he panicked when he got the call and drove like a maniac to the hospital. He got there just in time to hear Miss V cry!  She came into the world dramatically and then dramatically changed our lives.  She has been a sweet loving funny smiling mama's girl and I just adore her!  

 Anyone who came to visit us in the hospital said they knew which one was ours in the nursery because of the bow!  She didn't ever go without one!

3 months

6 months Christmas time

It's dark but this is her dedication at church. 

1 year!

2nd birthday!

3 years!

4th birthday was a BIT Hello Kitty Themed! 

And now she got her haircut at 5 and looks so much bigger!  Miss V you are a special blessing to me.  One that I prayed and begged God to give me and you are even more than I dreamed!  I pray that you will always follow God and His will.  That you will continue to be the loving and caring sweet girl that you are right now.  Please know I love you more than you can ever imagine and I always will!!

Happy Birthday Miss V!!!