Saturday, June 7, 2014

Running Recap 6/2-6/7

As promised last week, I will be doing a week in review for my running.  I'm not fast, I'm not great, I'm never going to win BUT I do love it, I feel like God has called me to it, and I give it my all!

My first run of the week was Tuesday.  It was just a short 4 miler. Thankfully Mr. J came home so I could go outside as our treadmill was broken.  And this felt like a great run!  I had to slow myself down several times and didn't even get close to the pace I was shooting for but it just felt so good outside and good to stretch my legs.

Apparently I took NO pictures on my run on Monday?!  So I'll give you a picture of the salad that helped fuel that run.  It was a delicious sesame crusted tuna salad with wasabi peas and candied ginger.  The dressing was ginger/soy something and it was AMAZING!!  I ate all of it and I wanted more!  I will definitely be getting this salad many many times this summer!

Thursday was a progressive run.  That means you start out at a lower speed and keep increasing the speed with each mile. I like to do these on the treadmill to help make sure I stay on the pace I'm supposed to.  When I run outside I tend to be all over the place with my pace but the treadmill forces me to keep going.  Thankfully our treadmill got fixed just the day before! So I did 5 progressive miles. I worked my way up from 12:45 min miles to 11:45 min miles.  So not super fast but it was definitely a challenge towards the end.  And anything over about 3 miles on the treadmill is a challenge for me.  Although the view of the backyard helps! I can see out garden grow and just to the right there is the swing set so I can keep an eye on the kids while they play!

Last but NOT least was a long slow run! On the schedule said 9-10 miles so I thought what they hey! And went for 10.  OUCH!  I should have went for 9 and picked up the extra mile closer to home but I didn't.  I was up at 6 am on a Sat. and as you can see by that first picture of the collage I was NOT excited!  If you don't already know, I am NOT a morning person!  I will get up when I need to but please don't speak to me before at least 8 or 9 am and especially if I haven't had coffee! But I got up and got on the road.  I'm not sure why but this run was a struggle from the get go.  My goal pace to stay right around 12:30 and usually the first mile or two I really struggle to slow myself down.  I love to run and just get out there and stretch my legs.  But NOT today!  I was slow and felt sluggish.  I ate before I went and had plenty of water this week and even took some water with a NUUN tablet in it (review on that coming up!) and some running beans.  But I just struggled.  The run seemed to go quickly like it normally does as I just let my mind wander and I pray a lot. The very last mile really didn't feel good and I ended up walking for a few steps right towards the end because I got so nauseous! I thought I was going to get sick but thankfully the quick walk helped and I was able to get home! PHEW! 

I love the out and back route that I have laid out because I get to run in the country.  I LOVE running out in the middle of nowhere. Not a lot of cars or people (other than the houses) and I can just relax and looking around.  LOVE IT!

So that comes to a grand total of 19 miles for me this week!  That seems unreal to me but I earned each and every mile (and I have the blisters to prove it!).  Hope you had a great week too!

Love, Lacey