Saturday, May 31, 2014

Running Recap 05/26-05/31

I want to start writing a recap on Saturdays of my running through the week. So here is how my week went!

My Monday run was a nice easy 4 miles.  Mr. J was out of town so I took the kids to my parents and let them run free while I went for a run.  My parents live in the country so it was fun to run in the wide open space and kind of see my old stomping grounds.

It is so pretty out there.  And the tractor just made it even better!  I grew up watching tractors, driving around them on the road, and even helping to drive a few.  This definitely was a great run!

My next run didn't come until Wednesday.  The boys were at school so Miss V went to visit her grandpa while I went to get a steady 5 miles.  Miss V & her grandpa had quite the adventure while I was running so I'm thankful to him for making their time together special.  I absolutely LOVE this path that I found.  It kind of wraps around and behind a housing addition but you would never know!  I loved this run!  Besides being attacked by a bird!  And I'm not kidding!  There was a red winged black bird that is nesting in a tree right off our local path and she is not happy with anyone walking or running near her so she swoops in and attacks.  Stupid bird!  I thought I only had to be worried about being attacked by a dog?!

Last but not least was my LONG run today! I'll be honest I was NOT wanting to get up this morning.  I laid in bed a good 10 min after my alarm went off trying to talk myself out of running. I could go later tonight. I could do it tomorrow? Maybe after lunch?  But I finally told myself to go and get it over with! And I'm SO glad I did!  I went out and did 8 miles and came home to a wonderful ice bath and a HUGE breakfast made by Mr. J.  I'm so thankful to have him!  He supports my running, cheers me on, and makes me awesome breakfasts! That's the best part of going early on a Saturday morning!  I come home and haven't really missed anything!

This is Brady (as in Tom) helping with my ice bath.  He thinks I add ice for him to play with.

Tomorrow is a rest day!  It will feel good to just rest!  Hope you got some miles in this week!

Love, Lacey