Friday, April 25, 2014

3 Word Per Picture - May 2014

Mr. J and I were talking the other night and he asked me how my day was and what I did and honestly I had NOTHING!  I did laundry, dishes, swept the floor, took the kids to school, and made dinner. Really just a typically boring day for me.  But you know what? Some times life isn't exciting.  And while that used to really bug me, I'm strangely ok with it for now.  I always feel like it's a roller coaster.  We are either really crazy busy and have lots of amazing things going on or nothing!  Now we have lots of fun things planned that are coming up but as of right now? Boring!  So I thought I would copy one of my FAVORITE blogs and do something called 3 words per picture.  As the name would imply I post some pictures from my super exciting (insert sarcasm) week and give you a 3 word description.  *Disclaimer* I know I will cheat!  I'm going to TRY my best but really I like to talk and share and 3 words isn't enough to tell you how much I love each of these things and each of you.  BUT here we go!

I love reading!

Man milking cow

Pretty Spring Nails

Working on headstand

Isn't that true

Crazy Clearance Pants

Love this makeup

Our little friend

Gluten Free Pasta!

Holy cow!  How did I NOT cheat?!  I wanted to!  I wanted to say that I love reading!  Especially about running and these were only 4 of the running books I'm currently working on.  I just ordered another off Amazon and saw two more at the library that I really want.  

I also wanted to tell you that Mr. S drew that picture!  He has quite the imagination!  He came home one day with that picture and a picture of some lions eating zebras. The lions were saying "YUM this is good!".  I love that boy!  

My sister and my sister-in-law are awesome at yoga so I wanted to join the bandwagon and learn to do some fun inversions.  Headstand were first and I'm almost there.  Next up is forearm stands and then onto handstands.  I have a sinking feeling I'm too old to be doing this but it's awesome core and back work! 

I also feel like I need to explain those crazy floral pants.  I found those at Kohl's (a local department store) on the clearance rack for $5.60!  Yes you read that right!  They fit perfect and are so fun I couldn't leave them! 

Questions of the day!
What is your life like right now?  Exciting? Busy? Boring? 

Love, Lacey