Monday, April 14, 2014

I Love Salad

I have the absolute BEST husband in the world!  Mr. J and I have gotten into gardening the last couple of years.  We currently have 3 garden boxes in our yard and last year grew lots of yummy veggies.  Last summer I'm pretty sure I made stir fry out of our garden every day!  So amazing!  We are planning on adding another garden box for this year to grow even more veggies but I did mention to Mr. J that I didn't like harvesting lettuce out of the boxes.  We have to put chicken wire around the sides of the boxes because we have so many bunnies and squirrels that would love to eat MY garden! The chicken wire fence comes up a couple feet so it's hard for me to bend over it and cut the lettuce.  So my AMAZING hubby said he would build me a salad table!  Yesterday he worked hard in the garage to build it for me.  We put it on the deck right outside the back door and I couldn't be more excited for summer! I told him we will be eating salad at every meal and my juice/smoothies will be fueled by fresh spinach from the garden! 

I'll keep you updated and take more pictures once we plant it and it starts growing!  Bring on the summer!

Do you garden?  What is your favorite thing from the garden?

Love, Lacey