Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Yes We have No Bananas!

I love using bananas in my smoothies and protein shakes but they go bad so quickly! I will buy a bunch and within a few days they go brown or get mushy!  So here is what I came up with to help! 

Here are some bananas that I bought off the "Value price" stand at my local grocery.  They will put bananas that are going bad or are mushy on the stand and price them significantly less than the regular bananas. So I buy a big bunch of them when I see them!

I simply cut them up and put them into a freezer bag (1 banana per bag) and into the freezer they go!  SUPER EASY!  Then I don't have to use ice in my smoothies or shakes because the banana is already frozen and gives that slushy cold goodness!  I don't know why it took me so long to think of this?!  If you look in my freezer I have a shelf that has baggies of frozen bananas and smoothies mixes.  Grab and blend (ok add a few other bits and bobs) but you get the idea!

Love, Lacey

PS!  I also go my shirt for finishing the T25 workout program!  The back says "Nailed it!"  I love this shrit!  Makes me so happy when I wear it cause I didn't just buy it, I EARNED it!