Friday, February 28, 2014

Journey Chapter 1

The title of this post is bothering me.  I have renamed it at least 5 different times.  I wanted to say "The End of the Journey"  But it's not really.  Just because the workout program I was doing is over doesn't mean my journey is over.   I thought about calling it "The Journey Results" but again, it's not the end results, it's just the results I got from finishing this workout program and changing my eating habits.  So I tried to title it like a book.  This was chapter 1 and it has ended but a new chapter of fitness and health is beginning. 

I'm not sure if I'm ready to share before and after pictures yet as they are of me in a bikini.  SCARY!!  But I will give you the stats so that you can see my progress.  I started this journey here where I said Mr. J and I were having a contest to lose weight.  Well that turned into me starting the workout program T25 (although I must not have posted about it cause I can't seem to find it).  I did find this update from January so that gives you a little update.  T25 is a 25 min a day, 5 days a week program with an option for Friday to be Double Day Friday where you do two workouts to double the benefit.  I am PROUD to say I did ALL 60 workouts. Every Friday was Double Day Friday for me!  I never slacked or skipped (if I had to missed I made it up). I felt good about myself and am proud that I was able to accomplish this goal.  I am going to need to start new fitness goals because I want to keep going.  I have big things planned and I want to make sure I can achieve all I set my mind to.  So here are my beginning stats. . . 

November 2013
Arms -


And here are my current stats!!
February 2014
Arms -


As you can see I didn't lose a lot of weight or really a ton of inches but I shrank!!  My waist is the most impressive.  In November I was eating lots of junk, and gluten and anything I wanted. I decided in October to go gluten free and it changed my life.  I'm not saying that is the why I lost weight or inches.  NOT AT ALL!  I worked my booty off every day to tone up and get these results.  Do I think going gf helped me?  YES!  My stomach is much flatter, I don't get bloated, and I don't feel sick and sluggish like I used to.  I did a lot of research and talked to my dr several times before making the decision to go gf.  So if you are thinking about it please consult your dr first. 

And while this chapter is coming to a close I don't plan on it being my last.  Running season is coming up quickly and I need to start getting some miles in.  So moving forward I will probably focus more on running and cross training.  But you can be sure I will update you with stats and running info.  

Thanks for joining me in Chapter 1 of the Journey.  I hope you stick around and see what happens next!!

Love, Lacey