Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Grandma's Sign

Recently my mom received a box of things that were my grandmothers.  My grandma passed away 12 years ago (13 yrs in July) but somewhere my uncle had found this box.  It was full of pictures, letters, journals, all sorts of random things. So when I was at my parents house last week my mom told me to go through this box and take anything I wanted. I found a few pictures I wanted and then I ran across this little sign. 

I don't know why this sign made me laugh so hard?!  I probably giggled at this sign for 5 min.  I could hardly read it to my mom I was laughing so hard. My grandfather passed away when my grandmother was 30 years old.  She was pregnant and had 2 other children at home.  My grandfather died of DDT poisoning.  They were farmers and obviously this is before they knew how dangerous DDT was.  ANYWAYS!!! I said all that to say my grandmother was a widow for over 50 years.  She never remarried and lead an amazing life!  I will share some pictures I found of her later to show you the gorgeous person (inside and out) that she was. And although she was single I never thought of her that way? So when I found this I just laughed! It doesn't strike me as something my grandma would say.  I have no idea where she got it or if someone bought it for her.  But I love it and will continue to chuckle about it for a long time!!

Love, Lacey