Friday, February 7, 2014

Leading by Example and Accountability

Before I became a mother, I never worried too much or thought too much about my sphere of influence.  I worked full time and was married but who was really going to look up to me? Who would want my advice? Then we had kids! We all know that our kids watch us.  They watch exactly how we do EVERYTHING!  When Miss V was about 2 or 3 Mr. J watched her pretend to put on my makeup.  And she knew exactly what she was doing.  She watches me every day put on my makeup and even has her own brush to pretend with.

Well, a few days ago I was sitting at the island reading the bible and doing my devotions.  It's not something out of the ordinary, I do it almost every day.  But the kids just happened to wake up and come down while I was in the middle of it instead of after I was done.  So each one asked me what I was doing.  "Reading the bible and doing my devotions".  Then the questions of what are devotions and what was I reading in the bible came.  So we talked for a few minutes about what I was doing.  It felt good for them to see me reading God's word because that is a habit I want them to pick up.

Later in the day I told them I was going to workout and that they needed to head upstairs. This too was not unusual, I workout 5 days a week and often do it while the kids are home so they know they need to go upstairs and leave me alone.  So I went to put on my workout clothes and when I came back they were all upstairs. I sat down to put in the video I was doing that day and it was already in the DVD player. I looked at it several times to make sure it was the correct one because I thought it was so strange that it was already in the DVD player.  But I went ahead and did my workout and when I was done I told the kids to come down and get a snack.  Mr. D said "Did you see your video was already in the player for you?"  I said "I did!  Did you put it there?"  He told me he did and then I began to wonder how he knew which one to put in?  You see a rotate through 5 different videos during the week but they aren't in a daily order, they are different every day, so I wasn't sure how he possibly got the correct disc.  He then told me "I looked at your calender!"  It took me a minute to realize that he had looked at my workout schedule and read what I was supposed to do and put the disc in for me. I didn't ever tell him where my schedule was or show him my calendar.  But he has watched me workout and check the schedule and get excited about working out and just knew what needed done.

My friend Chandra from and I were talking a few weeks ago about being accountable and how to fit a workout in. She is currently doing an exercise streak and is currently on day 69 and hasn't missed a workout yet!  We were talking about how nice it was to just know you were going to workout.  It wasn't a question of IF you were but WHEN.  And somehow that makes it easier to do and more relaxing. I know it sounds dumb but honestly just knowing I'm going to workout and making sure my schedule accommodates that makes it so much easier.  Chandra and I also text each other about our workouts.  When I finish I always text her just to say it's done.  On Monday I just wasn't feeling it.  I could barely get out of bed for no other reason than I was just feeling sorry for myself cause it's winter. LOL  It sounds so stupid now but I was really down on Monday.  And you know what?  I got a text Tuesday morning that said "Did you workout yesterday?  I didn't get a text!".  That text meant so much to me that she really was keeping tabs on me.  But it also fueled my fire to get my double day in to make up for my lazy day!

So all of this say, if you want something bad enough you will find a way!  If you want to workout and be healthier you will find a way!  You will give up that show on tv that you JUST CAN'T MISS to do a workout instead.  You will get up 15 min early just to spend some time with God in His word reading and praying.  You will find someone that will keep you accountable. Someone who will speak truth and love to you when you miss a day.  Find that person.  Let ME be that person! But find someone you can talk to and will keep you going.  Set a schedule, write it down!  Mine is posted right on the fridge!  Everyone can see what I'm supposed to do and if I did it! Make a plan and stick to it!  When you fail to plan, you plan to fail! So plan to succeed with your goals and make that plan!!

Love, Lacey