Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Chambray Outfit Remake

I love looking through Pinterest and trying to find new outfits to make with the clothes I already have. Recently I bought a this  chambray (jean) shirt from Forever 21. I have seen them on other girls and they looked so cute so I thought I would grab one with a gift card Mr. J got me for Christmas.  It came in the mail and when I tried it on I loved it!  But then I thought What do I wear this with?!?!? So I went to my trusty Pinterest account and started to look around!

So I found THIS picture . . .

I have black leggings, brown boots, a scarf and a tank for under the shirt.  Well I had all the pieces and I was going shopping with my mom and Miss V so I put it all together!  Here they are side by side.  What do you think?

My picture is a little blurry but I suppose that is what I get for trying to take a full length selfie in the shoe department of Kohls.  So I decided that since I didn't used a patterned scarf I needed the tank to have some color and pattern so I went with a cheapy owl cami from Walmart. I also didn't need the sweater she is wearing as we were shopping inside so I left that off.  I was pretty happy with this outfit!  I felt good and thought I looked pretty good!  

Is there a look you want me to recreate? Have you ever done the look for less?  

Love, Lacey