Monday, December 9, 2013

Oops! I did it again!

Yeah I totally grew up with Britney Spears!  She and I are actually only a few months apart so I always felt a bit connected to her.  We even had kids around the same time and 2 boys close in age.  Hmm maybe there is a connection after all.  Britney Spears and I are soul sistas!

ANYWAYS!!!  I guess I really didn't do it AGAIN since I don't usually splurge on myself.  My last big splurge on myself was my riding boots 2 years ago and they were $60.  Well I guess that's not completely true because my running shoes are more than that BUT as a runner we don't count that as a splurge because you actually NEED good running shoes.  Now whether or not you need 5 pairs?  That is a different blog post!

So about a week or so ago Urban Decay came out with their newest Naked Palette.  The Naked 3 palette is more of a cool pinky, purple, romantic palette.  Now I have been drooling over the Naked & Naked 2 palette for years!  But the $50 price tag kept me away.  I mean really?  $50 for a neutral palette? Well it was more like $50 for anything that isn't necessary??  Ouch! So I held out and kept dreaming that my husband would come home one day with one of them as a special surprise.  Well fast forward (or is that rewind?) to last Friday, I got an email from Ulta that the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette was now available on their website.  OH EM GEE!!!  It was 7:42 in the morning (yes I remember the exact time) and so I jumped online fully expecting it to be sold out. That had happened to me before on the Urban Decay website. BUT!!!!   Guess what?  It wasn't sold out!!  Guess who bought it?  THIS GIRL!  Guess when it's going to be delivered?  TOMORROW!!!!  And I will have a full review (just like the other 5,000 beauty bloggers) later this week or early next.  Maybe next weeks Makeup Monday will be a review!  Would you like that?

The Sing Off is on & it's elimination time so I'd better pay attention!!  Talk to you tomorrow!!

Love, Lacey