Friday, December 27, 2013

My Life Verse

Today I wanted to share a picture from a friend of mine.  She is an AMAZING graphic designer and posted this a couple days ago to her facebook page.  If you or someone you know needs a designer, check her out! She is awesome! Then I was trying to decide how to explain a life verse.  I mean in my mind I know what it means but I'm not good with describing things and I couldn't get the words to come out right.  Trust me I wrote & deleted a meaning about 20 different times.  So I did what I always do when I can't figure out a word, I googled it!  So here is how defines a life verse!

A “life verse” is a verse or short passage from the Bible you claim as a rallying cry to guide and 
focus the current season in your life. It’s a truth or a challenge straight from God’s Word that rings 
true for you at this time. 

Actually this website is really cool and gives you a bunch of different verses for different times in your life.  Check it out if you get a few minutes! 

So a life verse can change over the course of your life but for the most part I have picked a verse and stuck with it.  I have had different verses that have spoken to me at different times and I have claimed them as important verses at that time.   But this particular verse has really spoken to me for as long as I can remember .  I have used it in good times and bad.  I have used it when I felt let down, lost, and alone.  And I have used it when I felt like I was blessed beyond imagine.  It's a verse that I think a lot of people cling to because it's easy to remember but it is also profound.  In fact I posted this verse here when I was struggling with finding happiness and how that looked in my life. 

So what is your life verse?  What are you going through that you could use some encouragement from The Lord?  Or what have you been through that you have heard that voice of The Lord through a certain verse? 

Love, Lacey