Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide FAIL


Happy  Holidays!! In the spirit of the gift giving season, I was looking for ideas for blogs to make for you.  One of my besties said I should do an affordable gift giving guide.  You know what I mean, we have all seen them!  "2013's amazing gifts for him!" So you click on the link and there is NOTHING on the list under $100!  Now, don't get me wrong if you have the money to spend that is FINE!  I'm not putting down anyone that spends some serious cash around the holidays.  But what I am saying is not everyone HAS serious cash to spend or wants to!  So I decided to put together 3 different holiday gift guides, one for men, one for women, and one for kids.  I thought I could keep everything under a certain $ amount and try to find some really cute and fun things that your loved ones might enjoy.  

So today I sit down, in the 10 min I actually have quiet time, and I decide to look through the newest Ulta catalog.  Now if you don't know what Ulta is, it's like beauty heaven.  If it's make up, hair, skin care, or any other beauty related item, they probably sell it.  I LOVE this place!  I could do some serious damage here.  So I sit down and start flipping through the pages.  I found the cologne I want to get Mr. J (not cheap but smells AAAHHH-MAZING!) I see a few other things I really love too.  The catalog also has broken down into different price points for gifts.  Gifts under $10, Gifts under $20 . .  etc.  Then I see it!  A lipstick for $50!  YEP!  That's what I said, $50!  Now, I've seen lipsticks in every price range. From $1, $8, $20, and even $35 (thank you Chanel for making something I can never afford!) BUT, $50 seems a BIT crazy.  Now don't get me wrong.  I'm sure it's an AMAZING lipstick and if the Lipstick Queen company wants to send me a free tube, I would gladly try it out and review on a makeup Monday.  But I just can't see this being a practical gift.  I guess if that's what your wife,girlfriend,sister,mom, aunt, or whoever REALLY wants and they have been dreaming of it FOREVER (Hello Naked 3 palette!)  And you can afford it.  GO FOR IT!  But just to let you know, this will NOT be making my holiday gift guide in 2013!

I'm off to keep searching the net for great gifts for my guides.  If there is anything or anyone you are looking for let me know.  I will try to put it in!  

Love, Lacey

PS I noticed I have a couple readers in Germany!  Leave me a comment & let me know where you are from!  I visited there MANY years ago and had a GREAT friend who was an exchange student from there.  Would love to say hello!