Friday, May 2, 2014

A Foggy but Fast 5K

Usually on Mondays or Tuesday (depending on my schedule) I run an easy 3 or 4 miles.  It's my short run for the week and it usually makes me feel good. This week Monday was a bust for running so Tuesday morning, while Ms. V was at school, I knew I had to get out and get in my miles.  So I got dressed, got my gear on, dropped the girl off at school, and headed to my favorite local trail.  It was a very foggy morning!  The kind where you could be right up on a car and not even know if they didn't have their lights on!

Kind of a creepy picture but this is on the trail.  It kind of goes around some fields and behind a farm and then beside a major road. At one point you think you are in the middle of no where (see the above pic) and within half a mile you are beside a major road.  The trail is a bit windy and a few good sized hills so it's a GREAT training area! This particular morning the birds were all out singing, so I decided to just listen to them and no music.  I heard so many different birds that I didn't recognize.  And most of the time I wouldn't even see the bird just hear them singing their little hearts out.  I also spotted Mr. & Mrs. Mallard duck and the cutest little chipmunk EVER!!! 

This is looking back towards the farm from the section that runs beside the major road.  I love this farm.  It's so pretty.  They have a lot of events there for the public like farmer's markets and different festivals and events. They even allow people hold weddings there.  It's just a great asset to our community!

And this was me after!  The sun came out (YEAH) so that insulated headband I have on to block the wind was NOT helping me stay cool.  I pushed up my sleeves and at one point even pulled up my shirt to give my belly some wind but I was SWEATING!! It was WARM!!

Yes that is a 5k in 31:15!!  But what you can't see is the even more amazing part! I had negative splits (you run a faster mile than you did the last mile).  The first mile was 10:23.  I thought GREAT! This feels pretty good.  I'm sure I'll slow down but I'm happy with that! Mile 2 was 10:15 WOW!  I can't believe that!  That mile felt awesome!  I should note typically my mile 2 is faster.  Mile 1 is a warm up for me.  I need to get my legs used to the idea that we are running and will be for awhile!  "It's not a sprint so settle in for the long hall legs."  I had planned on waiting until 2.5 miles and then trying to speed up to get a good time.  But I guess I wasn't paying attention because all of a sudden my watch beeped with Mile 3! 9:35!!  WHAT?!?!?!  Where did that come from???? I was flying and didn't even feel like it.  I could tell by my breathing that I was putting is a good effort but not 9:35!  WOW!  So I dropped the hammer and sprinted the last .10. I cried when I finished.  And then I praised God for letting me have such an amazing run!  This was a GREAT run!

Question of the day!
Have you had a great run/workout lately?

Love, Lacey