Monday, January 27, 2014

Inspiring night

I had the AMAZING honor of meeting the amazingly sweet and super inspiring Bart Yasso! If you aren't a runner this will probably mean nothing to you other than he is a really cool guy.  But if you are a runner or have ever heard of Yasso 800's, OH MY GOSH!!!  I can tell you I was floating after this!  I was shaking I was so excited!  He was really sweet and signed my Track Club newsletter for me.  This newsletter is going to be framed and put in our room or maybe in front of my treadmill! 

So how did I get to meet this amazing guy?  Our local track club has a banquet each year.  They give out awards to different track club members and local high school runners and then they have a guest speaker.  My bio-mom Kellie who you met in my Thanksgiving post, is a member of the track club (but I'm joining this year) and invited me to be her guest.  When I found out Mr. Yasso was speaking I was excited.  I didn't know much about him other than he was an amazing runner and I have heard of the Yasso 800's.  Our local paper and the newsletter both ran a really amazing article highlighting his running career and the impact he has had on the sport of running. You can read the newspaper article here! I was hooked!  I was super excited to hear him speak and he did NOT disappoint.  He showed some pictures from some AMAZING runs that he has done including a marathon at the base camp for Mount Everest, the badwater ultra (146 miles in death valley in July), and a fun run with a friend in Nepal that went through a rhino sanctuary where they came face to face with a few rhinos! His motto is "Never limit where running can take you". He wrote that on my newsletter and then told me he means that literally, physically, and spiritually.  

While he was talking, a facebook page that I follow and have been inspired by came to mind.  Running4Him is written by an amazing woman named Tiffany.  If you haven't heard of this page GO RIGHT NOW and read the bio!  She is amazing and inspiring!  Click here to read it.  But she came to mind and how she uses her running for God's glory.  Maybe that is what I'm supposed to do or maybe I'm just supposed to dedicate more of my running time to praying, I'm not sure.  But God is telling me something about my running and how He's going to use it.  I have big goals this year (actually the next 2 years!) and I just pray that He shows me what He wants me to do. 

Bart Yasso also wrote a book called "My Life on the Run".  I have it on hold at the library and will do a full review as soon as I get it.  But if the book is anything like Bart, I will LOVE it!! What a blessing it is to be able to run and what an honor to get to meet this amazing guy!!  

What inspires you? Who was the last person that you met or saw that inspired you?

Love, Lacey