Monday, January 13, 2014

Makeup Monday: Face Wash Review

I'm not one to change up my face washing routine too often.  My skin isn't sensitive per say but it is a bit picky about what I use.  What I mean by that is I won't necessarily get a rash or hives or anything from something new (like when I was younger!) but my face will break out or be more oily than normal. So I'm not one to change things up too often but when a new product comes out that I think may work for me I have to try it!  Especially if it's by a brand that I have loved in the past.  So without further adieu I give you the Simple brand Smoothing Facial Scrub.

The bottle is 5 fl oz and says it has 2 vital vitamins, 1 skin loving exfoliator, and 0 dyes or perfumes.  It contains Pro-vitamin B5 to help restore, soften, and smooth skin. It also contains vitamin E to moisturize and help improve skins condition.  It also contains rice granules to help gently exfoliate and brighten.

What I liked about this product and why I bought it was that the brand Simple has been good to me.  They make a face wipe that is AMAZING!  If you like facial cleansing wipes DO try those!  Seen here at Target.  They honestly get everything off your face.

 So I was excited to see a face wash by the brand with exfoliators in it.  Unfortunately there wasn't much I liked about this product besides the brand.  The exfoliators that are in this scrub are very very gentle.  Definitely something you could use everyday BUT they are so small and not very many in the product that I didn't feel like it was scrubbing my face evenly.  I would get a good scrub in some places and nothing in others.  And by the time I was done rubbing it all around I felt like I was just rubbing water on my face.  I didn't feel like it had much washing power.  I also prefer a face wash with salicylic acid in it, which I knew this didn't have from the beginning but I don't think that helped my non-love of it.  The price isn't bad at around $5 but I feel like if you want a face wash that is going to give you a really good scrub there are plenty out there for around the same price point that will do a much better job.  Sorry Simple brand but this one is a NO in my books. 

What is your favorite face wash? Have you tried this one?

Love, Lacey