Saturday, November 30, 2013

Week 1 Fitness Update

Girls Weekend 2013

Well yesterday marked the end of week 1 of my fitness challenge with Mr. J.  I'm going to attempt to give you a recap although my brain has never fully recovered from having kids!  I swear baby brain is REAL & NEVER goes away!

Monday I had every intention of working out.  Never happened :(  BUT my eating wasn't too bad! Although I ate a doughnut and regretted that ALL day.   I am gluten free and trying dairy free for a month so my choices of foods are usually pretty healthy.  But I was having an emotional day and the doughnut was talking to me and I gave in.  My stomach then yelled at me the rest of the day!

Tuesday I started the 10 week program of T25!  If you have ever heard of Insanity or P90x, it's by the same company (Beachbody).  The guy that leads the workouts, Shaun T, is a AMAZING!  He is super energetic & positive.  He doesn't yell at you (like some trainers, Jillian Michaels!).  He constantly shows you the modified exercise and encourages you to do that if you need to or feel like you need a break.  The workouts are only 25 min.  And when he says 25 that's what he means!  He even shows a timer so you know how much longer he is going to torture keep you working! And for only being 25 min you CAN feel it the next day and you WILL be sweating like a pig!  Again my eating wasn't too bad.

Wednesday, looked a lot like Tuesday.  Another T25 workout DONE!  This one was called Speed 1.0.  Its like a cardio workout but with stretching.  Very fun! And food choices weren't horrible.

Thursday (Thanksgiving!)  My workout was an early morning hilly (and chilly) 4 mile run!  Which I PR'd (personal record) and you are sure to hear about that every time I talk about this race. Sorry NOT SORRY! My food choices were surprisingly not bad.  They weren't great but for it being Thanksgiving I ate a lot of veggies and paced myself.  I never felt overly full or sick.  I'm pretty proud of myself.

Friday, OH FRIDAY!!  Can we just not talk about Friday? Please?! No workout, and my food choices?  Nauseating to say the least!  No breakfast, a small (about a cup) helping of plain gluten free spaghetti, and then by the time supper rolled around I was SO hangry I wanted to hurt someone. Just in case you don't know, hangry = hungry + angry.   I honestly texted a couple friends that I would kill for some nachos.  When I get hangry you better WATCH OUT!  So what did I do?  Called Mr. J, who was out hunting, and made him bring me home some Taco Bell.  And not just Taco Bell, a nachos bell grande, a mexi melt, AND a chili cheese burrito.  And I ate it ALL!!!!!  Yep that's more gluten in one meal than I've had in a month and all of it covered in cheese!  Can I just tell you within about 30 min I was in tears.  I have never felt so sick in my life.  Stomach flu had nothing on dairy & gluten that night.  Regretfully Thankfully I never got sick but it was torture!

So that was my roller coaster of a week!  I looked at my calendar today (in the 5 seconds I had to myself!) and discovered that I am so busy I may have to schedule time to eat!  Oh and our Christmas trees (yes 2) are both half lit with no decorations.  I really must get on that too!  But our Christmas dishes are washed and put in the cupboard!  I had coffee out of one this morning & felt super holidayish (is that a word?).

Well, I'd better post this since it's already 10:30pm!!  I am teaching tomorrow at church.  I help lead worship for Pre-K, Kindergarten, & 1st grade.  It is SO fun!  I get to jump around, and dance, and sing, and act crazy, and see these little people learn about God!  It's the highlight of my week! So I'd better get to bed so that my dancing feet are ready to go!  

Love, Lacey