Friday, November 22, 2013

About Me

Here is that awkward first date introduction post I promised!

That's me! I'm Lacey, a 31 year old married mom of 3. I have been married to Mr. J for the last 10 years! (wow did that go fast!) I have been so lucky that for the past 6 years I have stayed at home with our kids and have tried to keep our household running smoothly. Our children are Mr. D age 7, Mr. S age 6, and Miss V age 4.  And YES they are very close together. And YES they were all planned!  It has been crazy busy but I love it! And I have tried not to let my stay-at-home status equal frumpy clothes or  lack of makeup.  I try to keep up with at least some of the latest trends but I also really LOVE classic pieces in a wardrobe.  I love dressing up but I also love dressing down. Nothing like jeans & a t-shirt to make you feel comfy (well maybe yoga pants would be better!)  I am  passionate about a lot of things and I LOVE to talk!  I hope to share more of who I am and what I love in the weeks to come!