Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday Morning

One of my MANY mugs

Saturday mornings tend to be a bit lazy and laid back around here.  It's currently deer hunting season so that means Mr. J gets up before dawn and heads out to his stand to wait.  This also means he wakes me up in the process.  Lucky for him I'm not a morning person and can go back to sleep easily.  Usually the kids wake me up around 8 or 8:30 and ask me to make them breakfast.  We usually have breakfast and then just hang out and watch cartoons.  I say USUALLY because that is how it usually goes.  NOT TODAY!

Today Mr J woke me up at zero dark thirty by turning on almost all the light in our room.  Seriously husband?  I'm trying to sleep!  Then the children woke me up at 8 to tell me that they couldn't find that cat.  He's probably hiding from your little "loving" hands!  They then proceeded to tell me that they broke the handle off the microwave and needed help with breakfast.  Cue me wanting to cry because I could tell what kind of day it's going to be.  

I go out to the kitchen and sure enough the handle it broken, AGAIN!  This is the 3rd time in the 3 years we have lived here that the handle has broken.  We are too cheap to buy a new microwave so we just keep gluing it back on.  And then I hear the cat crying.  Where is that coming from? I walk around the kitchen and then I realize it's coming from the garage.  Mr. J must have left the door open and the cat thought he would go out and explore.  Poor thing was scared to death. That's what you get for going out in the garage.  I opened the door and called him a few times and he reluctantly came out from under that van. He ran inside and then scarfed down his breakfast.  

So by 9am the cat is fed and rescued, the children are fed and fighting, and I have my coffee and have gone back to bed to watch TV.  Then Mr. D comes to tell me they are still hungry and need toast.  OK fine I'll come make toast.  "No mom!  I can make it!"  Alrightly then.  We will see how this turns out!  Now the thing you need to know about our toaster is it's more temperamental than a hungry pregnant woman.  If you even so much as look at the light/dark dials it will burn your toast faster than you can say YEAH TOAST! Well my sweet, loving, caring, 7 year old decides to turn the dial up to 3.  Anything past 0 (maybe a 1 if you are lucky) is charcoal.  So all of a sudden I hear him tell his brother "The smoke alarm is going to go off".   I come out to the kitchen and sure enough it's filled with smoke and just then the smoke alarm goes off.  This in and of itself is not anything unusual.  I set the smoke alarm off at least once a week cooking dinner.  So much so that when it goes off the kids yell "Suppers ready!" (yeah that makes me feel good!) So as the smoke alarm is going off and I'm trying to get the burning toast out of the toaster, I hear the garage door.  Mr. J is home from hunting just in time to find me in my element.  PJ's on, hair a mess, the kids crazy and the house filled with smoke. 

It is now 10:30am.  The kids are playing upstairs, I'm FINALLY drinking my coffee (and writing this blog) and contemplating what I want to make myself for breakfast.  And Mr. J is curled up with a blanket & his iPad watching YouTube videos on how to brew your own beer.  I love our crazy little family.  Some day I'm going to reread this and smile at how crazy we all looked.  But for now I'm going to hide the toaster!

P.S. I went and saw Catching Fire last night!!  LOVED it!  I was so jumpy! My poor bestie on my right probably has bruises on her leg from me grabbing her!