Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Look Who I Met!!

I am absolutely blessed to be apart of our local track club.  They put on amazing races and have the best people! One of the best parts is each year they put on a Track Club Banquet.  All the runners you have been chasing all year come together in our dress clothes (which is very confusing to see runners in non running clothes!) and celebrate this amazing sport and our group.  Last year I met the AMAZING Bart Yasso (read about it here) and so I was just as excited to go this year.

Just like last year K was my date! And just like last year we had SO much fun!!

And just like last year they had an amazing speaker come to tell us about her running journey (we all have one) and to inspire us!  This years speaker was the AMAZINGLY inspiring Lauren Fleshman!  She has a new training journal and book all in one that I am SO excited to start using!  I told her that I was going to use it for my marathon training and that she has inspired me to really make it fun and go for it!  She told us how when she first went pro all she did was eat, sleep, & run.  And that she forgot to have fun & burnt out.  So she reminded us to make sure we make running fun! She was a super down to earth person!  Really sweet and funny! We happen to be the same age and both mother runners so I think I connected with her differently than a lot of the teenage runners there.  But she couldn't have been more motivating and encouraging!

If you are going on a running journey of any kind I would recommend her book!  Here it is on Amazon (no I don't get paid to say that!).   I had the honor of having her sign mine which makes it all the more special!  But it really seems like the kind of journal that will inspire you to push through those "bad" runs and keep moving forward!

This was a great way to start off my "Year of Running"!!  I can't wait to start sharing my runs and adventures with you!  I hope you are excited too!

Love, Lacey