Friday, January 9, 2015

January RunnerBox 2015

I'm so excited to be sharing a new subscription box with you!  If you follow me on Instagram (which you should! LoveLacey365) you will have already seen the box and know how excited I am about sharing this with you! While I loved Ipsy it was time to part ways but I wanted to keep bringing you something exciting! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE getting things in the mail so I didn't want that to end.  I was introduced to RunnerBox awhile ago and actually got to meet 2 of the ladies that run this company at the Wine'n'Dine Expo.  SUPER sweet ladies with LOTS of info and have done their research.  I was a big fan from the beginning but meeting them and other conversations I have had with one of the girls have put me over the top to subscribe to this box.  

So what is RunnerBox?  It is a bimonthly (every other month) subscription box.  They have different boxes you can choose from also.  They have a runnerbox, a cyclebox, and a tribox.  They also have the option to gift a box!  The box I chose is $20 but I think you will find it is WELL worth the money! They also include coupon codes for all the products if you want to order more!  If you are interested HERE is the link! Let's dive in and you can judge for yourself!

So first things first!  The packaging is really clean looking.  It's not flashy or anything but I really liked it.  It's really minimal and just nice.  So the box has a nice quote in the lid and then you open the nice lime green tissue paper and it was jammed packed with goodies!!

There were so many things in this box I had to do collage pictures otherwise we would be here all day! Up first is the Honey pattie in the Chocolate mint flavor.  I was excited for this because I love York peppermint patties and this seemed similar.  But you know what?  It was BETTER!!!  It was mint flavored honey on the inside and dark chocolate on the outside.  I died and went to heaven! Next was a really awesome runnerbox buff, some CongniTea that I have been wanting to try for awhile so I was SUPER excited about this and then something that made me stop . . . Pickle Ade.  Yes you read that right PICKLE Ade.  Apparently a lot of sports people drink pickle juice to keep from having muscle cramps and aid in recovery.  I must have missed that memo but I am happy to try it since I have been a pickle-holic for the longest time. I'm going to save it for a good long run and then chug it down! 

Next up is a Honey Stinger in the gingersnap flavor.  Excitingly this was the only thing in the box not gluten free!  So I will be sharing this with someone else but it was SO good to have so many yummy things that I could eat!  The Detour Smart bar in blueberry looks good and so does the Skout bar! I think both of these will make their way to my purse for my "emergency" snacks!  There was also a cold wrap & performance towel to aid in recovery.  And last but not least they included some delicious Nuun all day hydration.  These are like Gatorade but without the sugar and junk.  I LOVE nuun!  It's must easier on my tummy and does a great job of re-hydrating and just generally making you feel better!  They also included some Gu and two  instaboost.  I'm unfamiliar with instaboost but apparently it's nutritional crystals that you eat without water.  I'm excited to try these.  I'm envisioning poprocks. LOL

So what did you think?  I'm BEYOND excited to try all these things out!  And I can't wait for the next box!

I am NOT sponsored or affiliated with RunnerBox in anyway.  I just really do love this subscription.