Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June empties 2014

How can it be the end of June already?! Didn't I just do May empties?! This year is over half over and it is absolutely FLYING by!  So here we are to looking at my trash from this month!

Maybelline the falsies volume express in blackest black. I have had this mascara FOREVER! I finally used it up this month or it dried up?! Either way it's done! I liked this mascara.  The color was definitely blackest black and the brush was nice.  It gave me good volume and length and I liked the formula. I would repurchase this again. If you want a mascara to give you natural looking lashes this is NOT it! It's called falsies for a reason.  But I would recommend if you like long thick lashes! 

I received these wipes in an ipsy bag awhile back.  I had read other reviews that weren't good but I always like to give things a try for myself. I threw these in my travel bag and have used them the last few trips that I went on.  I can tell you I would not repurchase these EVER!  The smell is odd.  I don't know if it's the flavor/scent I got or if they all smell overly fruity and something else.  I can't place the scent but it is not good.  As far as actual cleansing power they did ok. I use facial wipes to get my eye make up and foundation off before I actually cleanse my skin so I'm never really worried about how clean my skin is, just want to get the make up off so I can cleanse. I would NOT recommend these or repurchase! 

It's a little hard to read but this is Tom's simply white toothpaste. I had heard some good reviews on Tom's and specifically the simply white. So I decided to try it! I thought it did a pretty good job.  I wouldn't say it made my teeth any whiter or brighter. My mouth felt fresh and my teeth felt clean. But as far as anything special I didn't think it was.  It's a bit on the pricey side at around $5 a tube because it is supposed to be more natural and better for you. If the more natural toothpaste is what you are looking for this is a great option but if you just want something to do a good job I would stick with a crest or colgate or whatever you use. I probably will not repurchase this product. 

The Blackhead clearing scrub from Walgreens is a WINNER in my book.  It not only has a gentle exfoliate but also salicylic acid so it really cleans your face.  I bought this while I was trying to find the best drug store face wash and I will say I'm sad I ran out of it. I'm currently trying something different and I'm not as impressed.  This is a great all around face wash. It's gentle enough to use morning and night but strong enough to really get your face CLEAN!!  I bought mine at my local Walgreens for around $4!  I thought this was a great product and I'm sure I will be repurchasing it again!

Last but not least are these makeup removing wipes! These are the Up & Up brand cleaning towelettes.  They are comparable to Neutrogena Make-up Remover wipes.  I thought these were pretty good.  They were gentle and didn't sting my eyes. They seemed to get all my mascara and eyeliner off pretty easily.  They were around $5 or $6 at Target and I would definitely repurchase these! 

Question of the day!!
What product did you use up this month that you LOVED?! 

Love, Lacey