Sunday, July 27, 2014

Running Recap 7/21 - 7/26

Yep!  That is pretty much how my week went!  As you will see in this coming week's blogs our family took a big Clark W. Griswold style family vacation. Ok, maybe we didn't drive all the way to Wallyworld but we did have a pretty awesome week! The problem was that it felt like I was taking time away from our family to go running.  I had some pretty hefty miles on the schedule and I just couldn't find time to run. If I went in the am I missed out on time with the kids.  If I went during the day I would have died (it was hot & HUMID!). And if I went in the eve after the kids went to bed I was missing time with Mr. J.  I felt like I couldn't win.  I decided that a week off of running wouldn't hurt me and it would be good for our family. It was also good for me mentally.  I was able to unplug and just relax! When I'm training my mind is constantly thinking about running and pace and times and what is next. I think not running this week was good all the way around.  And I'm even more excited to get back to running and start my half marathon training!

It was a great week and I will be sure to flood you with pictures and stories and places to go this week!

Question of the day!
Have you ever had to take a break from running? How did you feel?

Love, Lacey