Monday, July 28, 2014

Lake Erie Love - Part 1 - 7/28/14

This past week Mr. J and I took the kids to Lake Erie for a little Clark W. Grisworld family vacation!  If you are the only person on the planet who still hasn't seen "National Lampoon's Vacation" GO DO IT!!  It is rated R so may not be good for your littles but for a date night it's definitely worth it.  It's too funny! 

I started our road trip just like every good road trip should start . . . With COFFEE!!!! We stopped at a Starbucks because that was what was close and it tasted amazing!  I LOVE my coffee if you don't know!

We spent the entire day Tuesday at the beach.  My uncle has one of those canopies that you can put up to shelter yourself. So we put that up and literally only left the beach to each lunch.  It was the perfect day! The weather was hot but not too hot and the water was cold but not too cold!  Even Spider-man helped us build some sand castles. So much fun and we all got some sun and enjoyed the time together. 

On Wednesday it was looking a little rainy and dark so we decided to check out the visitor's center to see what they would recommend for a rainy day and the rest of our trip.  What an AWESOME place!  If you are ever in Port Clinton, OH go to the visitor's center!  It is really neat inside, lots of things to see and do, and the girls that work there had SOOOOO much information.  And coupons!  They gave us SO many coupons! Also if you go look for the fairy door!  She gives out special treats to the kids!  The kids had to get a picture with Wylie the Walleye! 

Something the visitors center recommended for a rainy day was the Liberty Aviation Museum. My mom wanted to go and I thought the kids might like it, so off we went! The museum was really neat! It had a lot of World War II things. A lot about Henry Ford and his contribution to aviation (which I didn't know!).  They also talked a lot about the aviation system that ran between the islands to get supplies to the residents. 

 Here are just a few pictures from inside the hanger part of the museum.  The HUGE bomber "Georgie's Girl" was amazing! We were all amazed by the painting and the names. We also had fun trying to find all 13 guns located all over the plane.

 This plane was so cute too! I was amazed that they had full sized airplanes in the hanger for us to walk around and check out!

There we are posing in front of Georgie's Gal. We had a great first half of the week! And if you are wondering where all the pictures of food are . . . well I would have bored you to death! We ate at home every day!  Lots of hot dogs, deli meat, and burgers. This trip was more about sight seeing and spending time together. 

Question of the day!
Have you ever been to Lake Erie?! Where did you go? What did you do?!

Love, Lacey