Monday, October 6, 2014

Running Adventure Clue #1

That is one of my favorite running quotes by one of my favorite runners!  I had the absolute privilege of meeting the incredible Bart Yasso this past January.  You can read about it HERE. It really was such an honor to meet him and he is super inspiring!  If you haven't already, I would HIGHLY recommend reading his book "My Life on the Run" .  Even if you aren't a runner I think you will be inspired by him and the stories he tells are really funny.  Like the time he was the race marshall for a race in a nudist colony! Really funny!

ANWAYS!  I love this quote and it has stuck with me this year especially.  I had set some pretty big running goals for myself and self doubt and my mental game are things that hold me back.  I keep thinking of myself as the fat kid in gym class.  The one that got picked last and no one wanted on their team.  I don't blame them!  I was NOT good at sports and I wasn't fast at anything (except talking!).  But for some reason that "fat kid" seems to stick in my mind.  I don't believe that I can be fast or good at any sport even a sport that I absolutely love and work my booty off at.  But this quote reminds me that I am NOT that fat kid in gym class.  And that the sport that I love can take me so much far than just down the street.  I have already gained so much from running!  I have gone on adventures and run in places I would never have gone to if not for my love of running.

But I have signed up for something SUPER exciting!  And I want to do a few posts with clues leading up to my big reveal.  Now some of you probably already know because we are friends in real life and I have talked about it on my person facebook page.  But I'm so excited that I wanted to share with you my blog family and wanted to try to make it fun for you!

So the first clue to my next big running adventure is that I'm going with my favorite running partner, Kellie.  And we have to fly to get there! There are your clues!  The biggest is the flying!  I love driving and I would drive almost anywhere but on this particular adventure we have to fly or we wouldn't never have time to do everything that we want to do.

I will give you 3 clues and will do my big reveal on October 16!  So keep coming back and watch this space.  See if you can figure it out before I tell you!  Let me a comment and guess what it is!

Love, Lacey