Thursday, October 16, 2014

Running Adventure Reveal!

The time has come to tell you all about my next running adventure!  I hope you all had fun guessing where I was going and what I was doing.  So here is the big news . . .  I will be running . . .

That's right!  In just a few shorts weeks I will be hoping on a plane and going to the HAPPIEST place on EARTH!  I'm so excited to be running this race and especially to be running it with Kellie!  I love that our training runs have turned into vacation planning runs and talks about Disney.  We have matching outfits and Mickey ears! 

I think the thing I'm most excited about is that this particular race is run at night!  The starting time is 10pm!! We are going to go slow and take pictures and enjoy so my best guess is we won't finish until close to or after 1 am!  And then they have an after party until I think 4am?!  Oh dear!  I hope I got our flight home late enough! I am beyond excited and blessed to be able to go on this adventure! I also can't wait to take you along! If you don't already, go and follow me on Snapchat!  It's LoveLacey365  You will get a sneak peak into not only trip but my every day life! (you can also find me on Facebook and Instagram!)   

Has anyone ever run a Disney race? Any tips for going to Disney? We are only going to the Magic Kingdom for half a day on Friday so we don't have a lot of time in parks other than running but I'm SO excited!

Love, Lacey