Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My California Adventure - Part 2

This entire post is going to be about FOOD!  The whole time I was in Cali we took pictures of nearly everything we ate.  The food would come and we would say "Food Porn!" and take a pic.  I came back with almost as many food pictures as I did any other picture!  Enjoy and try not to drool on your computer!

Oh In-n-Out burger!  I have heard people RAVE about In-n-Out and I figured oh it's just a burger joint but you know I need to go while I'm in Cali.  And it did NOT disappoint!  The best part was that they use leaf lettuce and I was able to take the bun off and wrap the burger and the toppings in the lettuce and SMASH it!  I ate it so fast that the sauce and all the juicy goodness was all over my face!  And the fries?!  They are perfect!  Not greasy or heavy.  Just delicious!

These were delicious eggs that my step-mom made us one morning.  And of course we had to add avocado.  They eat it with everything! 

Yogurtland was another place on my list to go while I was in Cali.  Actually it was any froyo but Yogurtland was close to our house so that is where we went.  We actually picked up my niece from school and went for an after school treat.  You can't even see my froyo under all the toppings but it's in there.  That would be kiwi, pineapple, strawberries, cherries, boaba, gummy bears, white chocolate chips, & moshi on top of my vanilla & pina colada yogurt!  OH I was in heaven.  I think I should eat froyo everyday! 

Pho was also on my list and here it is.  We got it to go so we could sit at home and be lazy.  But it was deliciously spicy!  If you don't know Pho (pronounced Ph-uh) is a Vietnamese soup type dish.  It's rice noodles in broth with veggies and meat and it is delicious!! 

We went to a little hole in the wall place for breakfast one morning and this was what I got!  It was eggs with chorrizo, cheese and avocado.  It was AMAZING!!  I have a serious soft spot for chorrizo.  I really should use it more often! The creamy avocados in this perfectly balanced the spiciness of the chorrizo.  It was heaven on a plate!

On Saturday night my step-mom and I stayed at my sister's apartment.  We both didn't really feel like going out but I didn't want to just sit at home.  So my sister told me about this cute little bakery just down the street. She and I went and brought back some GORGEOUS desserts.  This picture does NOT do them justice.  Heaven Scents was the kind of place you want to go and have a cup of coffee and eat your weight in dessert.  Some times I really glad I'm gf so I couldn't eat more than just the top of the cheesecake!

The region of Cali we were in is known for it's wine.  So of course we had to go visit a winery!  This was my favorite.  I bought a bottle but couldn't bring it home on the plane and they didn't ship to Indiana, so we drank it that night for dinner.  Delicious! 

And I know you have seen the above two photos before but I'm not kidding when I say I have been dreaming of that salad!  The garlic was so strong it was just amazing.  But I thought I would throw them in again just to make your mouth water!

So that wasn't every meal I ate but that was a good bit of them.  A lot of our meals were just snacky meals while we were out shopping.  But those were the highlights! 

What was the best thing you have ever eaten on vacation? Do you take pictures of your food?

Love, Lacey