Friday, March 21, 2014

Divorce in the Bible?!

This past weekend our Pastor gave a fantastic sermon about divorce and what the bible has to say.  He like the rest of us don't have all the answers but I think he gave some fantastic insights! I'm going to link the video at the end of this post.  Please take the time to watch it.  I know it seems long but he really is funny and weather you are married, single, engaged, or divorced he speaks to it all.

I want to share a portion of an email that I sent to our Pastor regarding this message.  It shares a bit about Mr. J and I but I feel that it's important to share because it could be very helpful to someone else.

Before Mr. J and I got married we talked about marriage and what we each wanted and the one thing we made clear to each other was that divorce was NOT an option!  He comes a divorced home (thankfully his mom remarried when he was young and he has a great father!)  and my family is a LONG story, so we knew that isn't what God wanted and not what we wanted either.  I think going into the marriage knowing that divorce wasn't even an option saved us.  The first two years of our marriage were horrible! When you talked Sunday about standing on the edge of divorce and waiting to take the plunge, it brought me right back to those first two years.  I know if divorce would have been an option we wouldn't be together today.  Instead God broke both of us, brought us back to Him, and here we are going to celebrate 11 years in June!  God is SO good!

I encourage you all to click the link below! Take the time to watch the video and share if you want.  It could make the difference to you or someone you love!

CLICK HERE to watch!

Love, Lacey