Thursday, May 7, 2015

Two week round up! End of April 2015

Hello Loves!  Its been a few weeks since I talked to you.  If you missed why you can go read it here. But I haven't been MIA with my workouts.  Like a lot of people my workouts, especially my runs, are my time with God and the time that I pray continually about those I love or issues I'm facing.  So I thought I would give you a little update on the last 2 weeks.  I'll save my weekly round up for the weekend or next week.  But  here is what my last 2 weeks have looked like!

The week of 4/20
Mon - Run 3
Tue - Speed Work
Wed - ZUMBA!
Thur - Rest
Fri - Swim 15 laps
Sat. - LSD - 6.2 miles
Sun - REST

My marathon Monday miles!

This guy loves to try to kill me with speed work!

Long Slow Miles! 6.2 to be exact!

The Week of 4/27
Mon - Run 3
Tues - ZUMBA
Wed - Speed Work
Thur - Swim
Fri - REST
Sat - LSD 6
Sun - REST

Some nice easy Monday Miles with my favorite running partner!

Then these 2 tried to kill me with 6 x .25 speed!  YES!

Then I did some Long Slow Distance alone!  6 miles!

Then to reward myself (or at least this was my motivation) Mr. J and I had a business dinner to go to on Saturday Eve.  I was trying to earn my food and drinks that night.  But I'm so happy with this picture.  I love spending time with this guy and being able to be all dressed up is a bonus!

So there ya go!  That's my last two weeks.  This week is going well too!  So I can't wait to share that with you! 

Love, Lacey