Thursday, May 14, 2015

RunnerBox May 2015

YES!!!  I got my RunnerBox for May 2015 so I thought I would share with you what I got.  I have already eaten/traded some things so I had to steal a few pictures from the website but hey that's life!

There's my box! 

First up some products from a company called Hydrate!  They sent 4 different flavors of drink mixes.  These are basically liked a powdered sports drink you mix with water. They also sent 2 different gels that can be used before, during, or after a run. I did try the orange flavor of the drink mix and it was pretty good!

Next up is a "buttered oats shooter"  from a brand called Rani's. It looks like granola to me so I'll be anxious to try that on some yogurt.  Also pictured is a Fruigees fruit snack.  This reminds me of the kids applesauce or toddler snacks. I haven't eaten that either but it seems like something I will put in my purse for emergencies. And last but NOT least is the bumble bar! They sent two and I already ate one.  It was AMAZING!  It's not like any other bar I've ever had.  It was actually made of sesame seeds.  It was a little crunchy, a little chewy, & a lot delicious!  I can't wait to eat the other one!

These are two of the most interesting items to me. First up the IPS Egg white chips! The card says they are made with healthy egg white protein for 6 grams of protein per serving and half the fat of fried chips! I haven't tried these yet (as I'm a little afraid to) but I'll let you know! Something I did try and didn't care for (maybe the flavor) was the Run gum.  This is a gum developed by an Olympian to help give you a boost.  It says it's zero calorie, sugar free and gives you 50mg of caffeine, 20gm of Taurine & B-Vitamins! I tried the fruit flavor and was not impressed.  I will try the mint especially on a long run as I like to chew gum to keep me focused. I will report on that one also! 

Udderly smooth is a body cream to use on areas prone to chafing prior to running. I'm a huge fan of body glide so maybe I'll give udderly smooth a try next time! Lasting smiles chap stick is a pretty run of mill chap stick but it does give back.  With every 1000 balms sold it funds one cleft lip surgery.  So that's a great reason to check them out! And a bottle opener for your keys!  Who doesn't need one of those?! (People who drink wine!  That's who!  Where's my bottle stopper? or wine glass? hmm?!)

Go Tap is a kinesiology tape used to help with join and muscle pain.  I have use something similar in the past when my knee was acting up. I may just save this! The ICE3 (Ice-Cubed) is a body cooling towelette. Basically after (or during) a long run you can wipe yourself down with this and it will cool you down. I tend to use baby wipes but will give this a try! 

The Body Armor super drink . . . I drank! I needed some hydration so I tried it.  I got the strawberry banana flavor and it was pretty good.  Again not something I would normally drink or buy but it was good to try! 

And this product I traded away!  I know I'm horrible I didn't even try it but K wanted it and I took her gum so hey! But I've tried things like this and they were ok.  Again things like this tend to get stuck in my purse for emergencies! 

So there it is!  The May Runner Box.  I'm always amazed at how much stuff you get for $20!!  I love trying the new products and seeing what is out there that I haven't even thought of (cooling towelettes!).  If you want to get your own runnerbox you can click HERE and sign up! They also have CycleBox and TriBox if you or someone you know are interested in one of those! You can do a subscription (every other month) or just a one time box as a gift!  It's really a great company!  Go check them out!

Love, Lacey 

DISCLAIMER . I am not sponsored by RunnerBox.  I pay for the subscription myself and all views and opinions are my own!