Monday, August 11, 2014

Running Recap 8/04 - 8/09

Hello!!  Good Morning!  I'm currently writing this at 7 am. Yes that is early for me. We have been sleeping in like crazy this summer but it's all coming to an end on Wednesday. I got up at my normal "school" time and woke up the boys.  Neither were very excited.  But I thought I would give you my run recap for this week!

I forgot to take a picture from my run on Monday. But I did find this inspirational picture from a girl I follow on instagram.  "amandajaks"  If you don't follow her, go do it, and tell her I sent you!  And if you don't follow me on instagram go find me!  It's LoveLacey365 . On Monday I ran my usual Monday miles with Kellie.  4 miles in 46:35 which is not too bad.  We don't really push too hard on Mondays we really just get out and enjoy. 

 Next up I did some speed work on Thursday. I decided to do a nice 4 mile progressive run. So I got on the treadmill and went for it.  I was pretty happy with this run other than it was HOT and the treadmill drains me mentally.  But it's all good training for my longer runs!

Anyone else drip sweat while they are on the treadmill? This is from my elbow?!  I'm not sure how but I sweat like a dude when I run on the mill.  Oh well.  That's just more strength (and another glass of wine) for me.

Saturday was to be a nice long run. It was supposed to be 11 miles so I fueled up with this AMAZING salad.  I couldn't get out until about 2 pm so I wanted to make sure I got a good breakfast & lunch. 

We had rented a couple movies Friday night and they needed to go back so I literally ran them back.  The store is only about half a mile or so from our house so it was just adding to my long run.  After this is where my run went downhill FAST!!  I went on my normal route but there was a really strong headwind.  At one point I was pushing as hard as I could and was only running a 11:30/12 min mile?!  That got really old really quickly and started to break me mentally.  Between the wind and the extremely hot sun I started to fade fast! At mile 3 (just a little over) I had to sit down under a little tree.  The one bad thing about my usual running route is that it is full sun. There are really no trees unless you go into some one's yard (which I may have done!). 

I stopped at around mile 5 to grab some water from Mr. J's grandparents. I was really spent by this point but I was at my turn around point (to head towards home) and I wasn't going to give up.  Well bless Mr. J's grandmother (who is English and just about the sweetest little thing ever!!) she called my father-in-law and told him that she thought he should go pick me up. He found me at mile 7.17 sitting down in some shade. He didn't really ask if I needed a ride, he basically told me to get in.  And he took me home while he told me all about his recent surgery. 

At first I was really upset that I had quit. I am not one to quit.  I usually would have run myself to death before I would quit. But after I got home and took a shower I realized that stopping my run was probably the best idea.  I'm pretty sure I would have had heat stroke if I would have continued. I was already having troubles moving, and when I got home my head started pounding.  I took a cool shower, got some food, and took a nap! I felt better physically after my nap but I'll be honest, I was still really mad that I quit.  I felt like I got a DNF (did not finish). It still bums me out to be honest. But I have to put my health first. I won't finish any run if I'm injured or recovering from heat stroke. Well I feel great now and am ready to tackle this weeks runs!!  

Hope you all had a great week!!

Love, Lacey