Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Product Review! Rubbermaid Shaker Bottle

I was recently chosen by Bzzagent.com to review a a new shaker bottle by Rubbermaid. Bzzagent.com sent me this shaker bottle for free but the opinions are definitely my own!  First I have to say I am a little late writing this review (Ok I've been a little MIA lately in general!) but it's because I wanted to really give this shaker bottle all the challenges & use it in all the ways that I thought I might use it.  So here goes with my review! (I feel so professional!)

Here is the new shaker bottle.  From what I can tell it currently comes in two colors.  This is the pink & purple color.  They also have a grey & green color. The bottle itself is 20 oz or 600 ml and retails for around $10.

A few things I LOVE about this bottle.  First it is ALL dishwasher safe!  So after I make my shake I simply rinse it out and then throw everything in the dishwasher.  I can't handle hand washing anything. I'm a busy mom that doesn't have time for that!  Second the lid is a HUGE plus.  On regular shaker bottles the lid snaps closed and I always worry that it's not closed and that my shake is going to be all over the kitchen or van.  The lid on this bottle screws closed like on a pop bottle.  I was SO happy to see this feature.  I don't have to worry that the lid is secretly open and I'm about the drench myself with shake.  Third I love the "ball" that mixes the ingredients together. 

Look at that mixer ball!  It is a completely plastic star shaped paddle ball.  It is super easy to rinse and mixes everything perfectly!  I wanted to make sure I REALLY gave it the test so here are some things I mixed without any issues!

I mixed up 2 different protein powders with water.  Absolutely no issues with lumps or not getting mixed or the powder getting stuck in the ball.  It mixed perfectly!

I also mixed protein powder, yogurt, and water.  NO ISSUES!!  Absolutely no lumps or issues with things getting stuck!  It was a great smoothie style option!

And last but not least I wanted to use it as a water bottle.  I take water with me everywhere and I like to bring a reusable bottle so I can just fill it up anywhere I go. And this worked amazing!  I even gave it to the kids to test out.  Because you know anything that is mine is really theirs too! Could they open the screw top lid? They answer was a resounding YES!! Did they have any issues drinking out of it? Absolutely NOT!  They loved it! Mr. D even asked if he could get one for himself!  I might actually look into that because I just love this bottle so much!

I would highly recommend this bottle if you are looking for a good high quality shaker bottle. It would be worth it in my opinion just to use for water.  I love it that much!!

And the most exciting thing?!  I have coupons to give away!!!!!  I have 6 coupons for $1.50 off the bottle to give away!  So leave a comment below telling me if you have every used a shaker and what would you use this shaker to mix! I will draw 6 names at random and send you the coupon!!

Love, Lacey