Saturday, August 2, 2014

Running Recap 7/28 - 8/2

HELLO and Happy Saturday!  Can you believe it's already August! I'm not sure how that happened but  my boys start school in 11 days?! Where has the time gone?  I'm happy to report that even with taking last week off I still managed to log 65.93 miles for the month of July! Not the 100 I hoped for but I KNOW I will hit that goal this month! So let's talk about how my week went!

First up were my usual Monday miles with Kellie. I wasn't sure about the temperature so I decided to go with my very loud black and white capris and a pink tank top that I don't wear often.  The only problem? My headband didn't match! Oh the problems of a stunner (stylish runner). 

Kellie and I got out and crushed 4 nice paced miles. It felt really good!  This is my "I crushed it" face!

Here is my running partner on Wednesday (and by running I mean he napped while I pounded away on the treadmill!) begging me to let him on the bed. Mr. J was working late and I was laying down watching tv after my run. How could I say NO?! 

 Some fartlek style speed work on the treadmill. A nice duckface selfie to begin my run.  And I ended my run in the dark. It was kind of fun turning off all the lights and just running by the glow of the treadmill screen.

Thursday Mr. J came home early from work, so I got to run outside! It felt so good. Especially when it started raining and I got a few sprinkles on me. Unfortunately it waiting until after I got home to REALLY downpour but the few sprinkles felt nice. This was another nice paced 4 miles! The best part was as I was heading out of our subdivision a guy yelled at me "It's going to rain you'd better head back home!". I just laughed.  If only he knew me! 

And last but not least was my long run for this week. I had a rough day yesterday with a migraine and not eating or drinking very well but I was determined not to let that set me back in my training. This is my I'm awake but not ready to move face! I really need to buy a few other headbands! LOL

Here are some of the chickens I was telling you about a few weeks ago.  They weren't out the first time I passed their house but on my way back they were ALL out! I think there were 2 roosters that were crowing at me and maybe 8 hens clucking around. They were so pretty! I wish I could have stopped and taken more pictures. They were not just the regular white chickens or the red ones. They were black and white and some were speckled. They looked so happy running in the bean field and around their yard. I love chickens!

And that's me DONE for the week! I had a rough go of my run this morning. Between the migraine and the lack of food and water yesterday, it was a tough morning. My stomach hurt off and on making me very nauseous a few times. My hip hurt at one point, my one calf, and an ab muscle. I was a hot mess but I got in my 10 miles and did it with a time that I'm pretty happy about!

So that gives me a total of  22.41 for the week! It only goes up from here!

Love, Lacey