Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Family Vacation 2015 PICTURE HEAVY!

Hello Little Loves!  We spent our annual family vacation in Port Clinton, OH.  Its such a nice little place with some many things to do. I didn't take pictures of everything but I will share as much as I can!

This is the beach where we stay.  So beautiful!

Miss V was in a picture taking mood so the next couple are her pictures.  I think she did pretty good with this one!

She also took this one and I love it!

There are my littles! 

We stumbled upon this winery!

They had the best little area to sit and the tastes they give you were very generous! I'm not a red fan but I thought all of these were  pretty good! The setting made this is fantastic place for me! 

We went out to Marblehead lighthouse for a little while.  It is really beautiful and I could have sat there all day watching the waves and exploring the rocks.  

(I stole this pic! sshhhh)

One day we went to Monsoon Lagoon . I'm not big on water parks but I wanted to be a good sport because everyone else wanted to go!  This place turned out to be the best kept secret!  It wasn't very big which worked to our advantage but you got so much for your money.  We went on a weekday so the price was $20 per person but that got us the water park, unlimited putt putt, bumper boats, & go karts.  We could also go out to our car any time so we packed a lunch and sat in our van to eat.  The park was small enough that we didn't have to mother hen our kids the whole time.  They could play and run and enjoy and so could we!  It even had a swim up bar with daily specials that we may have enjoyed!  Highly Highly Highly recommend if you are in the Port Clinton  or north /west of Sandusky go check them out!! Well worth it!

Mr. J and I snuck out for a date one night while my sweet mother watched the kids.  After a lovely dinner at a winery (Mon Ami Winery) we decided to find the sunset and found a lovely little pier to walk out on.  This was right after the sun set and it was one of the most gorgeous skies! God was definitely showing off his painting skills all week!  We were treated to so many gorgeous views! 

Until this happened on Thursday!  That's algae bloom.  It basically turns the water into pea soup and you can't go near it.  It disgusting! So we decided to leave after breakfast on Friday morning and do some more exploring on the way home!

I'm glad we did because we found this place right out side of Toledo in a town called Perrysburg.  If you haven't been here (and you live in the area) you need to go!!  It was SO neat!  We are already planning our return trip for this winter.  Lots to see and great prices on clothes and gear! We loved it!

I met a new friend! You know that moment when you question if it's really dead and trustworthy? this was that moment.  My face was as close to his mouth as it could get without touching.  PHEW!

And I found my new favorite brand!  Ok it might not be my absolute favorite but I'm loving the name!

All in all this was the best vacation we have had as a family.  Usually we deal with rain, sickness, moodiness, & bad listening skills.  But this one was smooth sailing from start to finish.  I still can't believe how good it was.  It was a vacation to remember and one that went far too fast.  We are already planning our return for next year with lots of adventures in between! 

Love, Lacey