Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Run Disney Day 1.5

In case you missed the first part of day 1 you can read about it HERE.  So let's move on to the second half of that day!

When we got to the Caribbean Beach Resort at Disney we decided to try to check in early.  We had been told if our room wasn't ready that we could at least change & go to the pool. But again we got blessed and our room was ready!  She also let us get a late check out since the race was a late one and we thought we would sleep in. The wonderful lady at the front desk also informed us that our room had been upgraded and asked if that was ok:?  Um YES!!  She said "Oh you have been upgraded to a pirate room" WHAT?!?!?!  She also told us that our room was on the second floor and there were no elevators.  OH WELL!!  We got a pirate room.  I'm pretty sure we floated up the stairs we were so excited!

So here it is!  This is a pirate room!  This is my bed!  It's a pirate ship!! The lights on the mast turn on for reading or whatever. It was so neat! We joked several times about 2 girls having a pirate room.

On the end of my bed were some towels in the shape of MICKEY!

This curtain was separating the bedroom area from the sink/bathroom area.  Such a cool room!

This barrel was actually a refrigerator!  WHAT?!

After we checked into our room we decided to go relax by the pool.  We both wanted to rest but it seemed like a waste of a beautiful day to spend it indoors.  Sleeping by the pool was a great way to spend the afternoon!

We found some fruity drinks, a gorgeous beach, and some comfy chairs by the pool. This is the life! After the pool we had dinner reservations so we got ready and headed out! 

Our table wasn't quite ready and I owed Kellie some money and she told me I could buy her a drink so we headed to the bar.  These drinks had light up ice cubes in them.  How could we not order them? Mine was even set to blink different colors.  My drink also had another leaf in it!  I thought it might be a theme to put a leaf in my drink?!

I have to give a quick shout out to the head chef at The Wave on the Contemporary Resort at Disney.  I'm sorry I don't remember his name but he came to our table to help us order since we are both gluten free. He told us a little about each dish and what would be best and then told us that he had gluten free rolls for us.  The rolls came our WARM and with sea salt butter.  We almost cried they were so DELICIOUS!! 

Next came dinner! I had steak with green beans and mushrooms.  It was AMAZING!!

Kellie had pork chops with polenta and I can't remember what the green was? She said it was DELICIOUS!  

After dinner I grabbed a to go coffee and we walked around the Boardwalk.  We had so much fun.  We even took a keepsake picture for our mom.  I will have to take a picture and share that with you because it was really funny.  After the boardwalk we headed back to our pirate beds for a good nights sleep!!

Love, Lacey