Thursday, February 26, 2015

Getting back into training mode!

After a crazy couple of weeks I'm back!!  I have been running and cross training regularly the last two weeks.  So I'll share with you what I've been doing and then I promise to be back to regular posting!

I started out last week with good intentions.  I was going to go outside and run but the windchill was -10!  I was not about to go out in that.  So I did a couple easy miles on the mill.  They were anything but EASY!  I was struggling to finish because I was bored. But I sucked it up and did it!

Then on Thursday I did some speed work.  I did a little bit different speed work than usual but it was fun so I may do that again.  I basically did a warm up then .25 at 7 and then .10 at 3 to recover.  I did that 8 times and then a cool down.  

On Saturday I did some long slow miles.  These aren't so bad outside but on the treadmill these are HORRIBLE!  It took everything in me not to speed up and get it done but I kept going and got it done!

Now onto this week! On Monday I did another easy 2 miles.  I had to speed up at the end to get it done.  

I have been using Piyo as a cross training. Most have not been too bad but the one on Tuesday was called sweat and it was HARD!!  I definitely felt out of shape!

On Wednesday I did a treadmill workout. It is the workout above.  I didn't think it was going to be as hard as it was.  It's all slower miles so you are walking most of the time but having the incline up so high you are really working to stay on the treadmill and keep up.  It made me think of hiking which was a good way to get my mind off of how much I was sweating! And I can tell you that today (Thursday)  I am SORE! I will definitely be using this one again!

It feels so good to get back into training mode.  I just can't wait for the weather to break so I can actually go outside and log some real miles! I'm so ready for this year and the races that I'll run, the friends that I'll meet, and the growth that I will have from all of this!

Love, Lacey